I Love My Employer

I’m going to praise my employer today as much as I dissed my employer 6 months ago!

6 months ago I wasn’t very happy since I hadn’t gotten a raise that I thought I really, really deserved and felt let down, again. And I was pretty bitter about it. But there are other upsides than just salary to working here so I overcame that and kept on trucking.

And last week I had one of those weeks that makes me love my employer. The week began with 2 days training in Microsofts datawarehouse solution, PDW. Not alot of people know about it, let alone have gotten education on it and the datawarehouse segment is growing fast, so I felt quite privilidged to have gotten it for free. Then on wednesday I wrote the exam (and passed) for a Sharepoint 2013 certification, paid by my employer. There’s no reason really for them to pay for it since me having a certification gives them nothing and makes me more attractive to headhunters. And on Thursday I got to work from home which was very relaxing, and then I worked thursday night to apply patches and fixes to our servers. That was about 6 hours work and except the overtime pay I also got all of friday off. So really, that was an awesome week at work! And this week I’m also bound to get the annual bonus which will more than compensate for that lack of raise.

So I’m pretty happy working here!!

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