God is in the details

One of my better traits is my ability to observe and pay attention to details. That’s why I’m pretty known for my nitpicking and picking up on small jokes like in the latest Bond movie the bad guy said “Diamonds are for everyone” which ofcourse is a reference to an old Bond classic, “Diamonds are forever”. But sometimes it’s also a bad thing. It ruins a lot of movies! Like last night when I was watching “Gossip” (not the swedish movie, the american one!) because a friend had told me it was pretty unpredictable. But just one little quick comment made half way through the movie gave the entire ending away – “it’s all over campus”. Sometimes it would be good to turn this little part of my brain off and just enjoy and good flic… or perhaps I’m just overestimating my ability, perhaps other people are the same way and I just don’t know…

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