Let’s combine two subjects I’ve already covered – prejudice and peoples likes/dislikes. Is it ok to like some artist or something because that person is say… TOTALLY HOT? Not without being very shallow! Well what if that person is very talented, still ok? But the real question is – can other people accept that you may like that person because of his/hers talent, not only because of ‘that other thing’?
Let’s take the example that prompted this question – t.A.T.u! When I was listening (yes, I listen to the TV which means the TV is on but I’m sitting in front of my computer!) to the pre-show to the MTV EMA’s last thursday I heard this song that I like, “All The Things She Said“. Pretty good song, very catchy. But I had no idea who did the song. So I turned around to see who it was. Turns out the “group” is called t.A.T.u. They are two teen chicks from Russia (one of which is totally hot). Then they start making out on the stage! Nothing much, hugs & kisses but still surprising. Although I should be if I’d pay attention to lyrics like “They say it’s my fault but I want her so much”… Then my friend Dazza says that’s one of the things they are famous for. So the question I asked myself after that experience is – will people judge me as “superficial, typical guy who likes seeing two chicks go at it” simply because I like their music?

It’s the same with Jeri Ryan (7 of 9 in Star Trek Voyager). I’ve always liked her, and not only because she’s like the apex of sexiness, but because she’s actually a good actress. But everytime I mention that I like her in any forum what so ever, people judge me because I can’t possibly like her for her acting skills, can I?

What doesn’t make this any better is the fact that I do it! A friend of mine likes Pamela Andersson, and I immediately threw that out the window as “shallow guy who likes big breast”. Although in that specific case I might have been right, but it doesn’t make me any better than anyone else 🙁

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