Also saw “Flight” during the weekend. And there we go with those expectations again! When I hear the name Robert Zemeckis I’m thinking “epic”, “grandiose”, “visually awesome”, “visual f/x you never even see” and “deep”. Like “Back to the Future”, those were pretty damn epic, the score was grandiose, the visual f/x in especially the second one are just awesome! And then you have “Forrest Gump” and “Contact”, both of which had more special f/x than anyone could count, both epic and grandiose in scale. So “new Robert Zemeckis movie” = “I have to see it!”.

Had anyone else done this movie I would probably have thought it was good movie. But with the expectations I had, and insisting we see it in our home theater, well then it was pretty much a disappointment. Don’t get me wrong, the story is good, the acting is top notch. But it wasn’t epic or grandiose, or visually awesome (granted, crashing a plane is always visually awesome but that was only 5 minutes of the movie!), maybe there were a gazillion visual f/x I never saw (I missed most of them in “Contact” which is the highest praise you can give to the visual f/x guys!) .. and it was kinda “we’ve seen this before” kinda thing with two broken characters with demons find each other, it’s all been done before. I expected more. But still don’t consider it a waste of time though.

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