Grazie Scuderia Ferrari & Fernando Alonso!

Did you see the last F1 race of the season yesterday? What an amazing way to finish the season! Sure it could’ve ended better for us Ferrari fans but still, as a race it was awesome!!

Even though Alonso didn’t win the driver’s championship and Ferrari didn’t win the constructor’s championship, I still think they won “Never Give Up Never Surrender”-championship! They never during the entire season had the fastest car. And they never had the best pitstop times. And never had the most amazing strategist at the helm. What they had was Alonso that never gave up! He gave it 110% every lap all the way! He spent the better part of the season fighting for every single point he could get! Just take his drives in USA and Abu Dhabi – he was never in contention of winning either of those two races but he fought and pushed it as much as he could to minimize the damage to his points as he could. And what a job it was! Ferrari was more or less counted as down and out for the season already at Australia but thanks to this “never surrender” attitude they only lost with 3 points which nowadays isn’t a lot. And Massa really cleared his act up in the last races as well, if he had driven like this all season… well who knows, but there are alot of those “what if’s”. Winning the trophy in the best car is one thing, but winning it in a car that has only been 3rd best all year, that would’ve been something, and so close…

Well fought!

Looking forward to next year!

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