Life Going On But My Projector Isn’t

Had a bit of a “life is great moment” yesterday because life right now is pretty damn good. I have a good job, stabile economy, I have the best wife ever, a wonderful son, a Ferrari driver is leadning the championship, the sun is shining, my allergies have calmed down and Diablo III has turned out to be as replayable as I wished it would be! As a matter of fact, the only one negative thing I have to report now is that our faithful projector finally gave up! I bought it back in February 2006 when I was enjoying two salaries per month for 3 months and it replaced my TV in my apartment. Countless nights was spent playing World of Warcraft on my computer with mostly Discovery on my 100″ screen. When I moved into Helena it went into storage because there was no room but when we built the house it was one of the first things that went up and at first we enjoyed movies and TV shows there but since Sam was born it has mostly been used for watching Formula 1. So much so that when my son walks into my mancave he’s disappointed when there are no cars. The lamp in the projector had an estimated lifespan of 2000 hours in “full power mode”, 3000 in “eco-mode”. Of course I had it at “full power” but it still went way beyond 3000 hours which I think says plenty of the quality of Panasonic!

But now we’re faced with the decision of either trying to find a new lamp for it (about $400) or buying a new one for $1200. Had you asked me a year ago I would have said “neither” since we hardly watch anything there but we’ve just begun to enjoy movies in there again so …

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