Husqvarna Automower 308

So we finally got ourselfes one of those robotic lawnmowers – a Husqvarna 308. There was a period in May that I had to mow twice a week so I gave up an ordered one.

This is how I mow the lawn nowadays with my Automower 308

This is how I mow the lawn nowadays with my Automower 308

This installation was anything but a breeze. Had to lay out a cable around the entire lawn as well as a “guide”-cable so it can find it’s way home again. And the cable and clamps that came along really wasn’t enough but fortunately I had already ordered extra everything since I assumed this would be needed. When that was all said and done I started it up and let it cut the grass I had saved up for a week. Big mistake! It took nearly two weeks for it to get the entire lawn cut when doing it that way! They recommend in the manual that you cut the grass before you start using it but I’m not big on following manuals.

Then I spent a few days of troubleshooting the lawn and everywhere that it got stuck. Had to change the wires a bit and fill up some holes and such but after that it’s been going like clock work all summer long. Surprisingly well as a matter of fact! Except that you still need to cut the edges of your lawn manually since this bounces of things (including the cable) and therefor doesn’t go all the way to the edge. And then I noticed that our grass looks more bent than cut and I checked the blades and they were completely worn down! They do recommend you to change them a few times but I didn’t think it’d be after only about 8 weeks!

Other than that the only issue I have is the surge protection that I bought for it (per Husqvarnas recommendation) that cuts the power a bit too easy, meaning the mower doesn’t start at all and it can be like that until I notice it’s off.

I do regret buying it a bit since the lawn hasn’t really improved at all. Yes, it’s been nice not having to cut the lawn every weekend this summer but I could have used the money more wisely than on this. But that’s the way it is.

Been Travelling Again

Yeap, we’ve been travelling again! This time to the UK! I would say “London” but I actually never sat foot in London. We we’re in Brighton, Farnborough, Croydon and alot of time at the Gatwick airport (thank you for that Norwegian Air!).IMG-2014-07-19-14.03.39[1]

The point of the trip for me and Sam was to go to the Farnborough Air Show. My dad loves those air shows and I thought it was time to introduce Sam to them. Unfortunately it became too hot for him so he got tired and fell asleep and woke up just as the arrows we’re landing!

My sister had convinced my wife to tag along so they could spend all saturday in London, enjoying a good old English afternoon tea and some shopping at Harrod’s. Let’s just say things don’t always goes as planned!!

Here are some photos.