So I Have “Plantar Fasciit”.. Woot?

I don’t know if you know this but during the summer I did alot of gardening stuff. The biggest thing I did was dig up some 30 square meters of grass and replanting alot of roses and bushes. And if you know me well enough you know that when I decide to do it I go full throttle with it. And then in August I started getting aches in my right foot when I woke up and went to take a shower. After that it was ok so I didn’t think much of it. Then it got more and more frequent and now it’s aching pretty much the entire day. So I finally called the doctor for an appointment and yesterday I went to see him and he kinda chuckled and said “you have a classic plantar fasciit” (or “hälsporre” if you’re swedish). Come again?

Apparently it’s an infection in my heal which comes from straining the sole of your foot either during a long period of time or short impacts. Say like digging up grass and thumping down the shovel with the sole of you foot over and over again while wearing completely inappropriate shoes? (yeah, 3 years as a homeowner and I still don’t have proper “get dirty and gritty”-shoes!).

“Ok, that sounds bad, what do we do?” … “Nothing! This is the kinda thing that usually heals itself in … oh I don’t know, say 6 months. So buy some comfortable walking shoes that don’t ache much and bu February next year call me if it still bothers you, ok!”

And ofcourse like any normal person on this planet I Google the shit out of that and read horror stories from people who have had aching feet for 2 even 3 years! And there’s even surgery for it! But I’m kinda happy noone said “it could become a chronic thing” meaning it will pass, just a matter of riding it out. He also recommended painkillers but I’m already limping a bit so I don’t wanna be that much like House. And I hate taking pills. ‘Cause if we’re talking 4-5 months and I’m taking painkillers that long I’m afraid they’ll just stop working. Like Clarityn, doesn’t do shit for me anymore, I’ve had to step that up to prescription pills!

And all these things that are wrong with me (like allergies and restless legs) are stuff that are helped by distracting your brain enough. Say playing computer games! Seriously, I’ve never felt like scratching the skin of my face while playing World of Warcraft. And I didn’t feel my heel aching at all when playing XCOM for 3 hours last nigh.

Busy Little Bee

Sharepoint is keeping me really busy at work. And not only work, I’m finding myself doing alot of work at home as well which is kinda annoying. Not only for my wife but for me – I don’t want to become one of those people who take my work home with me all the time! I wanna be one of those people who goes home at 5 and just stops working, totally disconnects. But when working with so many complex things at this level as well as the fact that here we can’t reboot the servers when we want, it forces me to take my home work with me.

I’m just hoping this is temporary and it’ll subside once the big upgrade is done and I’ll go back to going home at 5 in the afternoon. ‘Cause that’s the way it was all those years on the lawfirm. And at Carema .. well they never gave me the chance to get that into things there so wasn’t a problem.

Today Promises To Be … Different!

It’s Friday again. And Friday before payday which means spending as little money as possible. Which means using and abusing friends and families hospitality. Ok, that was an exaggeration..

But today I will actually be doing that! I’ll get off work early, 2:30, go home as fast as public transportation enables me to, pack the car, pick up the little guy at kindergarten and then drive 100 kilometers south to Södertälje, straight through Stockholm just as the weekend rush hour starts up! “Why would you ever do such a mad thing!?” you may be wondering? Well, first it’s because I love my wife and owe her so much that I’ll let her have a Friday evening with her friends at home with no worries. No Sam needing attention and being fed and helping him go to sleep, no husband in the way, nothing, just her, her friends, good food, wine and just talk girl-stuff all night. And for that I’m taking the son to Södertälje for reason # 2 – visiting my brother at his new place. I’ve seen it ever so quickly before but now I’m actually gonna have dinner and stay the night, barring any Sam-related incident. So actually looking forward to that.

I’m just not looking forward to spending time in traffic ’cause Friday rush hour in Stockholm can be a real bitch and with my son in the backseat I won’t just be able to relax and sing “don’t you worry be happy now”.

Being A Teenager Still Sucks

When I was a teen it sucked. It sucked really bad. No news there because it does for a lot of people. Had it not been for Knut Fischer I don’t know if I’d be here to talk about it. And when I saw the movie “Pump Up The Volume” it was dead on – it sucked being a teenager, it sucked being different and your parents or any other real adult didn’t understand you. Unfortunately it seems it’s still that bad – if not worse thanks to social media!

Check this YouTube:

It’s about a girl, Amanda Todd, who flashed some random guy through a web cam and it destroyed her life. And no matter where she went that thing followed her and after enough people screwed her over she comitted suicide, but not after posting that “somebody help me… anybody?”-video. That’s fucked up in so many ways. It’s fucked up it still happens and nothing is getting better. It’s fucked up that Facebook pulled the plug on an app designed to show how being bullied on Facebook feels. It’s fucked up that the first thought in my head was “is this real or fake” and had it not been for so many newssites picking it up and the police giving interviews about it I may have written it off as fake. But it’s not. It’s still a reality – that beeing a teenager still sucks.

I just hope I’m somewhat prepared to handle it with Sam in 10 years.

“Contact” .. Maybe The Best Movie – Ever!

I’ve been home sick 2 days now. I thought it made for an excellent time to watch some movies in my home theater on actual Bluray. So I decided to watch one of my old favorite movies – “Contact”. Yeah, that movie from 1997!

And .. yeah, probably the best movie ever in my opinion. The acting, the scope, the science, the ideas and thoughts behind it and the special effects, all of it is still today unmatched in my opinion. But one thing I didn’t expect is to discover a new aspect of the movie – that of a lone parent trying to raise a child. I’ve never thought much about that until now. That just goes to show how much being a parent changes your views on things, even a movie you’ve seen 10 times before!