Last Friday was midsummer here in Sweden. And we hade planned to go out to old Sorunda for the good old celebrations there They home to my parents for family dinner and maybe stay the night.

But that didn’t go to well. Already on wednesday I started feeling like you do when there’s something about to break you. And on thursday it did! Not so bad that I couldn’t taket care of Sam. But on Friday I was knocked Downtown harder. So H took Sam and went to here brother with his family to celebrate midsummer’s eve. As for Me? I was tucked in in front of the TV watching Chuck and then some Starcraft matches. And if I hadn’t felt queasy everytime I ate it would have been just like a normal saturday 4 years ago! 🙂


Here’s a little recap of what went down last weekend.

We started the weekend off on friday evening with a nice dinner in front of the TV with wine and beer, some cookies and cheese but went to bed early since we knew what a big day we had ahead of us.

On saturday morning my sister AC arrived to take care of Sam for us. We love the little guy but to really relax we needed someone to “off-tank” him (all you Warcrafters now what I mean). We suited up, took some photos and headed into Stockholm. Since we didn’t know exactly where we were supposed to be (Stockholm’s city hall is a big building!) we went a bit early. After doing some recon we sat down for some coffee and a muffin and a nice lady at a table next to us wanted to take some photos of us with our camera since she thought we looked like the cutest couple ever. And then my dad called my to ask if they could stop by so we had to tell them that “nope, because we’re in Stockholm getting married” which they had no clue about. At first he wasn’t sure if I was being serious or not but soon realized I was.

After that I took some nice photos of Helena by the water with the wind all over her dress! Then we went in as instructed 15 minutes before the service and it was totally packed! We thought this is where people went that didn’t want to have a big wedding but we were wrong – almost everyone had their families with them, all dressed up and wedding dresses and tuxes, made us feel a bit under dressed. And when it was finally our turn it was over in 5 minutes. Just a quick “do you” and “do you” and some text that I don’t remember that much about. And fortunately one of the assistants helped us by taking some photos of us, even though she wasn’t that camera savvy so half the photos are out of focus.

After the ceremony we got into the car, texted all the people that should know we got married and then drove off into the sunset… or to Norrköping where we had booked a suite with their “Love”-packaged. Got champagne on ice and fruit and chocolate, that was really nice. After winding down and walking around the city for a bit it was time for dinner which was at their local pub. Not really the fanciest place to have a post-wedding dinner but it worked for us. Then enjoyed a drink in the bar and then bed time. Yeah, I know, we actually go to bed early nowadays. But we slept really late on Sunday 🙂

After we finally got up on Sunday Helena tried out their Jacuzzi while I was just l laming around just enjoying not being stressed or worried or entertaining Sam or anything, it was just us! After we checked out we went to Söderköping for our annual visit to the ice cream restaurant. Then we drove to Huddinge hospital to check up on a friend of Helenas that had a daughter a few weeks ago. She was tiny as hell but she was born way WAY premature so not surprising.

Then home again and take care of Sam so AC could get back to her real work.

So that was our weekend. Except for the mediocre dinner it was awesome!!!

Pictures are here by the way.


Yeah, we finally got married!!!

After we’d built the house and we knew we were pregnant and agreed we’d go with it I knew this was the woman I was gonna spend the rest of my life with! Not only did we have a house together and a mortgage to go with it, not only because we were gonna bring a child into this world. Nope, it was really just love! I knew I was gonna love her no matter what because she’s just such an amazing person! So for me getting married was a given. We just needed to get some cash flow so we could have a party. But after being home for a while and doing the budget we realized that wasn’t gonna happen so we just agreed to do a normal ceremony at city hall in Stockholm because neither one of us is particular religious. For us the most important thing was to just be married with all the benefits and security that brings if something would happen to one of us. And Helena also wanted to have the same last name as her son. They had a 6 month waiting list and pushed it another month to wait for our tax return. We got my sister to take care of our son and made reservation at a hotel in Norrköping so we could swing by Söderköping for our annual visit to the ice cream restaurant.

So here we are after that amazing weekend! If you followed me on facebook you know how much fun we had and how glad and cute we looked all weekend 🙂

But I do feel bad about not throwing the party but we simply couldn’t afford it. I feel particularly bad for Henke and Markus who invited me to their wedding and I couldn’t return the favor. But after over a year of one of us staying home with Sam our economy is just recovering.

I’ll post something tomorrow about that awesome weekend but for now… I can’t believe she said yes!! 🙂


The kindergarten called H today at work. They said she must come pickup Sam because apparently he has an infection in his eye.

All I can say is “sigh”. Because it feels like he’d just recently got over the cold and losing his voice and everything else and now this! When can we just have a normal healthy week for him?!
Oh well supposedly it’s normal and lasts no longer than a week so I guess that’s good …


The weekend wasn’t as kickass as I would’ve liked. Mostly because of that lame Formula 1 race! They blew the biggest excitement even before it started by starting the race behind the safety car! Having that lineup, with red bulls bad KERS, it would’ve been awesome! But nope! Then red flag for 2 hours waiting for better weather?? I thought these guys earned millions because it was dangerous not so they could only drive in sunshine! Nah that race was lame! Go go Valencia!! 🙂  


To kick things off Helena got a new job at the telecommunicationscompany that she’s working for, so that’s a great start to the weekend! Exactly what this means is anyones guess but she wanted, she got it so I’m happy 🙂
Then tomorrow H’s brother, his wife and two kids are coming over to.. well celebrate my birthday is the official excuse, but it’s been a long time since they saw Sam and H so I’m not taking full credit for it. But good food, good company and good weather!

Then on sunday my sister with her kids are coming up late afternoon to enjoy pizza, the company and most of all the Formula 1 from Canada!

So all in all we’ve got a helluva good weekend ahead of us!


That was quite a switch from “cold” to “this is perfect” to “cooking” in less than 3 weeks! I’ve always prefered being too cold to being sweating as hell in bed when trying to go to sleep but when it’s closing to 30 degrees in the bedroom you really do think about investing in an AC. Then you’re reminded how much they cost, the noise
they make and the hose that has to go somewhere and it’s not a good idea anymore!

Fortunately Sam is taking it alot better than I am. He still goes to sleep before 8 and sleeps pretty much all night and wakes up between 6 and 7 ready to rock. But we’ve noticed that he’s way too understimulated at home! Although we try to read to him, play with him or go out walking he still has all that energy that we don’t have.

It’s times like that that you are thankful for kindergarten!!


Finally done with our greenhouse! I’d like to think I did it in a reasonable time, considering it was a project for those weekends when I’ve got nothing better to do, and that I’ve never done anything like it before.
Now I don’t really know what my next project for the summer is gonna be. Maybe I should slack the rest of the year.. but H isn’t gonna let that slide so I’ll probably get some more stuff to do.
It looks comfy doesn’t it? Unfortunately it get’s really hot in there, kinda as it’s suppose to I think..


Yesterday was one of the most beautiful days of summer of the year here in Stockholm. So what does me and my friends do? Yeap, sitting in the dark watching Star Trek in Skarpnäck ofcourse!

It’s one of the few things from my old life as carefree single immature guy that I have left so I have to keep at it! Although back then I used to spend 10 hours there, this time it was barely 5 because me and H haven’t spent much time together this week at all, mostly because of work, sickness or something else. But now we have all sunday and monday together! 🙂


On friday my sister and brother took me out for a night on the town. 5 years ago this would have included dining, beer, clubbing, drinks, blackjack and a cab home because the last train home is at 1 am.

But things are different now. We still went out for dining and beering then we went to O’Learys at the central train station to get some blackjack in.. but no dice since they didn’t have that anymore! So we took a beer, had some popcorn and then calling it at 22:30. I could’ve gone on and on for a few hours more but didn’t really feel like it. Plus today I can’t spend money on myself without feeling a bit like “should really save this for a baby seat on the bike” or something else.

But it was good fun and thanks for organizing it sis 🙂


Today was Sam’s first encounter with thunderstorms! When preparing to go to kindergarten I noticed it was getting darker in the skies. So I put on his raingear and made sure I had an umbrella and off we went for that 15 minute walk. About 5 minutes in lightning struck about 5 seconds away (because you always count how many seconds away they are right?). The after that it was only 2 seconds away and the rain came poring down! Fortunately we were able to take shelter under some tin roof which made for some interesting noises for him. A few more lightnings and 2-3 minutes later it was ok to continue the walk as the lightning was getting further away. But just like his dad he got more excited than worried over the sound of thunder! I like my little guy, he’s pretty fearless. So far 🙂