I’m a Dad!

In case you missed it, on Monday 22nd at 12:20 CET I became a father to Sam Mikael Strรถm. A healthy 4.3 kilo baby meassuring 55.6 cm in heigh and excellent condition ๐Ÿ™‚

Me and Helena are staying some nights at a hotel at the hospital to cool down after this huge event.

Here are some images. Login is “friend” and password is the company I work for.

No Expectations, No Disappointments

Here we go again! One more olympic games and once again the media is doing what they can to make us think sweden has a good chance at bringing home some medals. And so far nothing has worked out and they are saying “what tha hell happened!?”. I’m saying “sure they may look good in the pre-olympic events but this is the best of the best!”.

I’d like Sweden to win medals. It’d be a good thing. But I still hate it when the media pushes up the expectations and we fall flat and are left with feelings of disappointment. But not me. Cause I don’t do that anymore ๐Ÿ™‚

Go sweden, go, bring home those medals! And if not… well that’s ok too ๐Ÿ™‚

And no baby yet, sorry to disappoint!

Counting the Days

Me and Helena have gone into “counting down the days”-mode, which right now is down to 2 weeks! It’s going slower and slower now when we know our son can come out at any moment! He’s really kicking her hard in there! We’re also running around trying to predict what we’ll need and buying everything but as always you won’t know what you’ll need until it’s too late!

Meantime we’re warching tons of movies. Weirdest good one yet was the timetraveller’s Wife. Weirdest bad one yet was New York I Love You, even though it had Natalie in it. 2012 was better than I thought, then again I am a big Cusack fan!