It’s The Small Things

You know what I get really annoyed at with these free newspapers they give out to commuters in the morning so we have something to read? … they don’t fill out with any unnecessary information, just the facts, short and to the point, just the way I usually like it. But sometimes they miss out on the small things. Like this article from last week. It’s in swedish unfortunately. It’s an article about a new promising player in our national team. But they missed out on one small little bit of information. What sport are we talking about!? I happen to know it’s handball since I saw the game, but they never ever mention what sport we’re talking about! They just assume you know what they are talking about and if you don’t you’re not worthy to know. It’s pissing me off cause they do it ALOT!! How hard is it to type?

Heath Ledger

I missed doing an updated about it last week, been so busy. But I was really sad to hear Heath Ledger died. Ofc it’s always sad when people die, especially if they are younger than me…

But in his case I was really sad cause I liked the guy. I loved “A Knight’s Tale”, it’s one of my favorite movies. I still haven’t gotten around to see “Brokeback Mountain” because it really doesn’t seem to be my kind of movie, but all the other movies with the guy and the interviews/documentaries I’ve seen with him I really liked the guy. I hope it doesn’t make “A Knight’s Tale” sad to watch next time, that would such more.

Oh Deer

One of my good abilities when driving is that I have pretty good check on my surroundings, I see things on the side and stuff way ahead of me. But on sunday when I was driving my sisters kids home as I was about to pass a lorry, a deer decided to try get passed the road. He failed. Completely. Smashed my car up big time and there really wasn’t much left of it either. So there goes all that money I would’ve spent on fun stuff to try to save up for a new car cause it’s really about time for me to buy a new one.

I’m just happy I kept my cool and kept the car on the road and didn’t run off or hit the lorry 🙂

I’d Die For You And That’s The Truth

One of the guys I met the other day is a former colleague that I really enjoyed working with, cause he was funny and I really respect the dude personally and professionally (and he’s a frequent visitor here too!). And he’s happily married and have a son now and he was telling us (3 hopelessly single guys) about the overwhelming emotion of having a child and the feeling that “this persons life means more to me than my own” surprised him. He’s not the first person to have said that, another friend described it as “it was the moment I stopped living for me and started living for my child”. Now I have absolutely no way of knowing how powerful that feeling is or anything but… I dunno what’s wrong with me cause I already feel those things, definitely not as intense but definitely more frequently! There aren’t that many people that I wouldn’t lay down my life for (and I hope to prove it one of these days)! And I’ve never felt that I live for me… maybe that’s cause I’ve always been on the service side of things and why I’m happiest when all my friends and family are doing good and I lose sleep over just one friend being miserable. But what do I know …

Still Convinced I’m A Good Guy

I may have inadvertently hurt this wonderful woman I dated late tuesday but I still feel like a good guy. Why? Because it made my weekend terrible. I couldn’t get over it and lost a lot of sleep thanks to it. The idea of a woman out there being hurt and sad because of me feels right down in the gut. So my priorities is still pretty nicely tuned. And that makes me feel a little bit better. If I had hurt a woman and not felt a thing, then I would be seriously worried.

And I guess this brings the counter up to two. Two women in my entire life that I have in some way hurt, both of them inadvertently. And the irony is that both of them was hurt because I knew too much. My resourcefulness and desire to know stuff doesn’t always serve me in a good way.

But now I sent off a very very nice letter to her explaining myself, begging for forgiveness and a second chance. I doubt she will since this thing came up before we even got started but as my wingman told me, “got nothing to lose”. Except my dignity but that’s worthless in comparison to another shot at this delightful woman.

Women Are Impossible!

The dating life goes on. This week something really funny but kinda sad happened! A few weeks ago I’d started talking to this really nice and funny woman and when we agreed to go out it was bad timing since she was just leaving for a 2 week skitrip. But that was good since it gave me “2 weeks to plan the perfect date” (quoting her!). And being the practical man I am I got right in there trying to sort as much as possible in case she was serious about that, including looking up where she lived to try and find some good place in that region of town. Then she came back and thank god she was only joking about that. We went out on tuesday and she was certainly one of the cutest girls I’ve ever met! And over the appx. 80 minute long “talking over coffee” date we had I of course mentioned that to her when explaining what a “obsessed with the small practical things” kinda guy I am I mentioned that and she seemed to laugh it off. We had a good date I thought and she said she had fun so we hugged off on the station and went our seperate ways. Today I got the verdict. I shouldn’t have checked up where she lived and I shouldn’t have mentioned it cause that was NOT popular. Quite the opposite. So that’s off because of a small little thing like that. *sigh*

Update: Yes I should have asked her, and the fact is I did in an e-mail I sent and hoped she would reply to before she went away for 2 weeks, but I guess that was too long. And yes I should have asked her when we met but I already knew so faking not knowing goes against my honesty thing I got going. Anything else?

That Time Of The Year

So it’s that time of the year that everyone gets the flu or something. That’s actually one of the few times I like being single and not having kids, I usually miss it. But after sitting next to a guy at work that’s been sick for 2 weeks it eventually hit me. So yesterday I was out cold with fever and everything. Today is a bit better but still not ok. I hate getting these things when you’re not feeling ok but not bad enough to justify not going to work. ‘Cause it takes more than this to make me stay home, I’m the guy who’ll go to africa when I’m feeling a bit sick 🙂

Movies, Movies And Even More Movies

I dunno why, but I can’t get the song “Living Darfu” out of my head!

But I’ve seen alot of movies recently:
“AvP2” was really good, way better than the first, alot of slaughter!
“Sicko” was pretty interesting to see how bad it is over there according to Michael Moore.
“Oceans 13″… better than 12 but not as good as 11. Pretty funny to see the 3 machoest guys (Clooney, Pitt and Damon) crying on Oprah 🙂 And Ellen Barkin is always good!
Biggest surprise was actually “Shoot ’em Up”, hilarious movie! I love movies that don’t take themselves too seriously and this one surely didn’t, and it was fun. And I like Monica Belucci.
“The Kingdom” was better than I thought it was gonna be, but being a Chris Cooper & Jason Bateman fan I had to see it and was pleasently surprised. It summed up the problem pretty nicely in the last scene – when an american FBI agent says “we’ll kill ’em all!” it’s cool. When a 11 year old arab boy who’s father was killed by said FBI agent and says the exact same thing it’s scary.

And then there was “Arn”. One of swedens best authors wrote a few books about a swedish temple knight, his childhood, his love and his time in the holy land, and the books were very succesful. So they got alooooot of money and investments into a big movie and it premiered a few weeks ago and I saw it this weekend. 2 1/2 hours of complete and utter trash! The only interesting part was his time in israel, the rest was complete trash. The romance story was pathetic, the dialogue was worse than “Star Wars Episode III” (and that was bad!), and the acting… I know the guy was supposed to have a shitty life and they really got an actor that got that “someone shit in my cereal” look on his face. I dunno what it is about swedish movies but they just can’t pull off some stuff. But I guess it’s unpatriotic to not see it. But seriously, when has patriotism ever been good… (says the man jumping out of his seat screaming of joy when sweden equalized in the junior ice hockey world championship against Canada… too bad they lost in the end)

You Know Things Are Good When …

I saw AvP2 yesterday. Pretty damn good flic!! I just had to open with that so I can make the following argument without being a hipocrite:

But you know things are good when the two biggest newspapers lead story today is Britney Spears was admitted to a hospital yesterday. I mean, that must mean there’s nothing more important going on anywhere that we need to report on? No weather abnomolies, no pre-primary presidential preparation election in the US (that the third biggest newspaper was leading with), no revolution in Kenya, no snowstorm in Stockholm, nope, Britney got admitted to hospital, that’s really everything.

That Didn’t Go As Planned

How’s 2008 going so far? For me it’s… well, still to be decided. On the downside we have
1) Warcraft guild breaking down again (which ironically would actually be good for me)
2) Alot of TV shows are starting their last seasons
3) Our trekking saturdays is probably gonna be a thing of the past due to low attendance.

So that should make me atleast a little bit depressed? Well, I ain’t. Cause today I woke up and witnessed a snowstorm outside and said to myself “it’ll be a miracle if the trains are on time today”…. but they were! So at 8 am I sat down in my warm comfy chair with a warm cup of tea and enjoyed the snowstorm in Kungsan. That felt good. Then I got a cute e-mail from a cute woman I’m hoping to get a date with any day now, but ironically enough she’s off to switzerland to ski over the weekend so that’ll have to wait. Which is why I can’t really say if 2008 is off to a good or bad start yet.

But tonight… Alien vs. Predator 2! Yeah, I’m actually going to the movies!!

So What’s In Store For 2008!?

 Happy new year everyone!

I spent another new years eve in the calm comforting company of my family, enjoying a nice dinner, some beer, alot of “remember when…” discussions and a visit from their neighbors to talk even more trash and toast in the new year. Pretty sweet.

Now if you know me well enough you’ll know I’m all about moments. ‘Cause what you remember in life aren’t an entire sequenze of events like a video, but more moments like still pictures. And I’m trying to maximize those moments as well as I can.

So on the question of what the best moment of 2007 was I’d say “that perfect moment kissing Nina back in May”. Ironically the answer to what was the worst moment of 2007 is “when she threw me out 10 seconds later for no reason”. Which pretty much sums up the entire relationship – heaven and hell.

So let’s hope 2008 can top that… or better yet, let’s make damn sure it tops that!