World Class

I am really getting annoyed with people abusing the expression “world class”! As I understand it, the expression is suppose to be applied to someone, some team or something who excels in a minor league, good enough to be in a better league, even the world championship. Right? It wasn’t meant to be applied to hockeyplayers playing in the hockey World Championship, drivers racing in the Formula 1 World Championship, handball players in the handball championship… you get the point right?! Everytime I watch any of the above events I always hear a comment like “oh that is just world class!”… OFCOURSE IT IS – IT’S THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! I’d be disappointed if people there weren’t world class! It’s just damn annoying!! It’s popped up atleast four times during the handboll World Championship down in Portugal…

More movies

Another weekend gone by and another bunch of movies consumed. Don’t know why but my weekends over the past month or so have been totally unproductive. Just been lying in my way too comfortable soffa flipping around channels. Feels like I’m in a holding pattern but atleast now I know what I’m waiting for – start of the F1 season and my new computer! Anyway, some movie reviews:

Ghost Ship : This movie made the same mistake as “Cube” and “Saving Private Ryan” – starting off with a bloody scene that made you wish you hadn’t bought those popcorns, or in my case, the pizza. But it was one predictable movie. But I don’t feel I wasted my time…

Billy Elliot : This one was so hyped when it came out and there were talks of Oscars, so my expectations were high. And I was pretty disappointed. Good movie, nice story but nothing spectacular or anything. And it kinda reminded me about two big regrets I have about my childhood, but that’s a story for another update.

Driven : Sly (who wrote and produced this flic) tried to do for car racing what Rocky did for boxing. And failed. I’m a F1 fan so I should like a movie like this, even if it features the CART series… but I didn’t. Again predictable. Awful dialogue. Awful CGI effects. Awful in the “yeah, that’d happen!” category. And the acting… let’s just say supermodel Estella’s acting was the bright star in that area! But one thing I really, REALLY enjoyed was the music!

Enemy at the Gates : Again a way too hyped movie. It wasn’t a waste of time, but it wasn’t revolutionary either. Thankfully I’m a fan of Rachel Weisz and Ed Harris otherwise it might have been a waste of time.

Scent of a Woman : This movie I saw on the big screen when it came out and again on sunday. I’ve never really liked Al Pacino or his acting that much, or Chris O’Donnell for that matter. But I love the moral points of the movie. And all the tributes to how wonderfully beautiful women are, especially Gabrielle Anwar!

Here’s hoping I get my new computer this week so my next weekend will be more productive…

It’s official

The secret seems to be out now so I guess I can talk about it – a couple I’m pretty good friends with are getting divorced. “So what, that happens all the time”, right? Well, it’s the first time it’s “happened” to someone I know, and the most frightening thing is that everyone, including me, thought they were such a perfect cute couple and were great together. So I was completely shocked when she told me. ‘Cause if they split up… it can “happen” to anyone, it’s like “noone is safe”! And for me, being the practical kind of person I am, a divorce is a practical nightmare.

God is in the details

One of my better traits is my ability to observe and pay attention to details. That’s why I’m pretty known for my nitpicking and picking up on small jokes like in the latest Bond movie the bad guy said “Diamonds are for everyone” which ofcourse is a reference to an old Bond classic, “Diamonds are forever”. But sometimes it’s also a bad thing. It ruins a lot of movies! Like last night when I was watching “Gossip” (not the swedish movie, the american one!) because a friend had told me it was pretty unpredictable. But just one little quick comment made half way through the movie gave the entire ending away – “it’s all over campus”. Sometimes it would be good to turn this little part of my brain off and just enjoy and good flic… or perhaps I’m just overestimating my ability, perhaps other people are the same way and I just don’t know…

Mood swings?

Is it ok for guys to have mood swings? I know women do, that’s more or less given and not uncommon, no biggy. But guys? I had terrible mood swings yesterday, I couldn’t decide if I was my normal happy self or totally pissed off at everything that went against me. And when I’m pissed off I’m not fun to be around! So “not fun” that I even felt I had to apologise for it today… and the weird thing is… I’m told it’s not uncommon for me to be unpredictable like that???

Party hard!

Still recovering from an awesome house warming party I attended on saturday night. I was a little bit hesitant about attending because I probably wouldn’t know that many people there so I didn’t think I’d be there that long. But I was so wrong, met some people I haven’t seen in ages, and got to know a few other people (including another “South Park” fan who considers “BASEketball” as one of the greatest movies ever). And I had so much fun that time just flew by and when I woke up on sunday morning I did my usual “check the cab-receipt for the timestamp so I know when I got home”-routine. I got home at about half past three. Let’s just say sunday turned out to be a very unproductive day for me! ‘Cause I’m not 20 any more…

One problem however, it seems that I left some room for misinterpretation as to my opinion about Christina Aguliera. My friend’s girlfriend was giving me a hard time because she thought I actually liked Aguliera… and here I thought I had made it clear I didn’t, not after “Beautiful”…

Did I really do that?

The other day I did something asshole-ish. Something very inappropriate, something that everyone else hates when people do, something I would hate if someone did. But I just had to try it, just this once! I was queuing going home in my car from work late an afternoon and it was a total gridlock over at Gullmarsplan. Then I hear sirens behind me and an ambulance comes pretty fast. Naturually I make way and let it pass me and then something just snaps and I play “chase the ambulance”, just to see how far I could safely do it! I don’t know if there is any law prohibiting such behaviour? But I wasn’t speeding and I didn’t run any red lights so it might have been totally legal. After 3 minutes a second ambulance came so I had to give up the chase, but by that time I had made up for atleast 15 minutes of just standing still!

Wrong person for the wrong job

Christina Aguilera is one of those artist I had a hard time deciding if I liked or not. She’s got a great voice and has done one or two nice tracks but also some really bad. And just after doing “Dirty”, a song I actually liked (even before seing the video) what does she do? A song like “Beautiful”! A song that, if I understand it right, is about how beauty is only skin deep and that it’s what you think of yourself that is important. Which ofcourse is a theory I totally support and a pretty good message. But I just can’t get over the fact that Aguilera tries to be the messenger! Seriously, she’s one of the last people on earth who should do a song like that! It’s like when our king tried getting involved in a debate over homeless people, it’s kinda hard to take a person like that seriously! So please, stick to something you know…

World turned upside down

I had a pretty funny update for today. But I barely made it into the office until I didn’t feel like being funny today. I got some disturbing news. Disturbing in the way that it upset my entire reality! My reality has included some undeniable facts like sky is blue, water is wet, women are impossible, Moby makes great music, everyone who is married is happy with that, Natalie Portman is beautiful, Formula 1 is fun no matter what anyone else says, Eminem is a bad role model, and so on. Today I got news that atleast one of them is false (and at the same time re-confirmed another one!). Unfortunately I can’t get into details for a while, but I just don’t feel like being funny even though it’s at times like this you really should try to shake it off with humor.

Remembering 2002

Perhaps I was a bit too egoistical (is that a word?) in my comment that 2003 can’t be any worse than 2002. ‘Cause let’s face it – some good things did came out of 2002! Like T&J who had their first baby! As did S&J (I know alot of J’s!). And M&L finally got married. And Ferrari won the F1 championship. And Djurgården won the football championship. And alot of other great things surely happened that I’m either not aware of or simply forgot.

Because 2002 will for me be sadly remembered because of the fact that I lost my best friend as well as lost control of my finances. And for the swedish fiasco in the winter olympics. And for Djurgårdens fiasco in the hockey championship. And my harddrives crashing resulting in me losing years of e-mail correspondence. And some other things I’ve probably suppressed. And that’s not like me to focus on the negative. Although I’m pretty good at it, but I don’t like it. I prefer to think of the good things.

But that’s why 2002 will be sadly remember – I can’t focus on the positive events… Call me an egoistical pessimist if you like…

Donating Blood

I finally did it and became a blood donor, and don’t I feel good about it?… actually I didn’t feel a thing, I was expecting to go all dizzy and stuff afterwards. But I guess to draw a little blood out of this 110 kilo body has little effect. And I found out my blood type was 0 positive, that’s more than I knew about myself!

And for those of you keeping count – my car is in for repairs for the fourth time in less than a year. And the funny thing is I haven’t caused any of the damage or anything! And I didn’t even wanna have a car! And can you start five sentences in a row with “and” or is there a rule against it?


Today I woke up and didn’t feel like doing nothing (except use double negatives) so I’ve spent most of the day in front of the television. And except for seeing two movies I probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise, I accidentally switched over right in time for a program that should replace all education in modern music – the VH1 special “100 Top One Hit Wonders”. First of all it was a great nostalgia trip seeing all those videos and stuff, but more than that it was very, very informative with all trivia and “then what” info. I picked up alot of trivia info that’s probably useless, like Marlyn Manson’s “Tainted Love” is, ofcourse, a cover of Soft Cell’s, but I had no idea that Soft Cell’s wasn’t the original, it was a cover too! The only bad thing about the show was that it was very US so there were some artists there that I don’t think belonged there, like Sinead O’Conner, A-Ha and The Cardigans. And the fact that William Shatner was hosting it was just right up my humor-alley!
Btw, did I tell you about the great musical lesson in classical music we got back in high school? Our teacher pulled in the TV, flipped on “Amadeus” and three hours later – end of class 🙂 And somehow I ended up preferring Beethoven…

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve cut 99% of the 2002 entries and saved them here so you can read about my 2002. But it’s really not that interesting…

God Of Joy Hates Me

Wanna hear some more argument to the theory that the God of Joy has it in for me? Here goes, follow with me here because it involves three people. First it’s Britney Spears. As you might have picked up over the past two years I don’t like her. Or rather I don’t like the product Spears, I can’t really say I dis-like her since I don’t know the woman, although I do feel a little bit sorry for her because of all the bad publicity and almost witch hunt like stuff that was happening over 2002. But she’s kinda been the symbol towards my arguing that it seems more important these days in the music business to put on a good show rather than make good music. Because let’s face it, if it wasn’t for her looks she probably wouldn’t be as big as she is.
Which brings us to number two, the person who is the totally opposite to that – Moby! Although I certainly enjoyed his concert, he puts most of his effort in making good music rather than good shows. And he never plays on his looks either, and he’s a really deep and open person (just check out his journals on with a great sense of humor.
Another thing about Moby is that he has over the past years had a New Years party that’s been totally weird and different, and one person that has loyally attended them is person number three – Natalie Portman. Did you know they were an item, for a very short (but from Moby’s statement very intense!) time? I’ve always had great respect for Natalie, thought she’s been one of the greatest female rolemodels since Lady Di. A woman who cared more about graduating from Harvard than to make movies (=money).

So why am I going on about this? Because Natalie gave in to the dark side and teamed up with Britney to host a New Years party of their own!!! What are the odds that a woman I had so much respect for teams up with a woman I have so little respect for to compete against the dude I have the greatest respect for? There must have been some kind of divined intervention involved there.


The spontaneous answer to the question “why am I still single” will probably be related to my lack of good looks or lack of gym-time, rather than my personality. But this new year I was faced with the personality-related problem I have – my incredible reluctance to taking the initiative with women! It’s a real problem I have that I just can’t take the initiative. During the little party at my sister’s, a friend of theirs showed up, totally ok in all departments (as far as I could tell), and what do I do?…. nothing! Although it probably wouldn’t have gone anywhere (’cause she tried to make me wear a tie and you know how I feel about that), and she probably wasn’t interested anyway, but the thing is I never bothered finding out. So if there’s one thing in my personality that I wish I could just change that’d probably be it…