I just got a new favorite TV show. “24“. The show that finished its first season in the states and got like 10 Emmy nominations. Well worth it! It’s about a anti-terrorist unit trying to stop the assassination of a presidential candidate. So far, nothing major. But the series wins in it’s originality! First original thing is that it takes place in real time. So one show, with commercial brakes, is one hour, so the entire season only covers one day. I didn’t think it’d keep up the pace, but I’m in the eleventh hour right now (get it?) and it’s still exciting. Also really well written and pretty good filmed. Have only spotted two major screw-ups, but that’s because they don’t settle for one camera angle, they always seem to have two cameras rolling. ATLEAST. And with a little hi-tech phoning some interesting scenes can be produced, like one in episode 10 when the lead character is being chased and has his cell phone on and four different people are listening in on what’s happening, and they are all cut in into one frame, pretty interestingly done. More original programming like this please! And credit to the Internet for supplying me with these episodes. (since alot of people are always trying to relate violence and/or sex-crimes to the internet somehow, I just want to offer a different opinion about it!)


August 25th, you know what that means? 6 months since I suddenly lost my best friend. My spontaneous reaction was “is that all?”, it feels like ages ago since I last spoke to him. Since we shared some jokes, watched movies together, just sat down at a bar testing new beers and stuff. But at the same time it feels like it was just yesterday that this entire thing happened. I remember those weeks as if it was yesterday…
So how have life proceeded since then? Pretty well I think. Although I did suddenly realise that alot of my life has been converted to routines and procedures. Like I’m just going through day by day waiting for something to happen. And I don’t like that. So I’ll see what I can do to change it. And I still find myself thinking “I gotta tell Eden about this” when I stumble on something new I know he would’ve liked. Guess that’ll have to wait until we meet again in Sto Vo Kor.


The other day some person called me trying to sell a subscription to a newspaper, DN. As usual when this happens I just reply “nah, I read everything on the web, it’s all there”, and they just take that excuse and that’s the end of that conversation. But there’s one thing that is NOT published on the web – obituaries. I wonder if there’s a law prohibiting it or why, but they don’t publish them on the web at all. It would make things a little easier having them on the web so you could just send the link to everyone instead of telling them to buy the paper… (yeah, I know, there are bigger problems to dwell on than this)


When asked “what kinda music do you like?” I’ve always answered it with something like “I’m not into any special genre. I like the tracks, individual songs!”. What I mean by that is that I’ll listen to almost any kinda of music, as long as the song itself is good. Sometimes a musician/group that I like makes a bad song that I really dislike (like Meatloaf for example!). Then there are some musicians/groups that I dislike that does a song I actually like (like Britney Spears).

There are a few that have made my list of people who can’t do a song I will like. Eminem just made that list. All pop-groups put together by all these star-search TV-shows are also there.

Then there are very few that are on the list of people who can do nothing wrong. Who’s work I like no matter if it’s good, bad or crappy lyrics. Today I saw a documentary featuring one of those very few people – Jewel. I remember when I first saw her, it was on some MTV show. It was just her, her guitar and a piano and she was performing “Foolish Games”. I just fell in the love with her voice and the overall feel of the song. Went out and bought the CD right away and never looked back. And I’m still kicking myself for not getting tickets to see her when she was here in Stockholm. Another person on this list is Moby.
So now you know.


Now what have I been doing so much that I haven’t been able to stop? Programming PHP! Again! And once I get started programming I won’t stop until it’s all done. And now I think it is. I’m really annoyed at myself for not being able to go to bed without keep thinking of this project and coming up with new ideas and trying to solve old problems. I’m a really weird and nutty guy.

There was also another reason I wasn’t updating, but I’ll come off as sad and pathetic if I tell you…


I had a perfectly good reason for not updating this place, but I guess I have to now – yet another couple made in heaven, Sandor & Josefin, got a son two days ago. Huge congrats and all good fortune blah blah to them!


Haven’t been doing anything special, spent the weekend doing my best to distract my mind from the vision I saw at the wedding last week…

But I’ve got something great in store for everyone! The Parlor ! This is a short movie that is just awesome. Pretty weird, some nice twists and great dialogue. Totally independant and if it weren’t for the internet, most people would never have seen it!


As I’ve said a couple of times, I’m not a big believer in love at first sight or getting feelings just looking at a woman. My philosophy has been that a beautiful woman can only peak my interest, nothing more. So how come I’m still thinking of a woman I saw and who’s beauty I was admiring for hours but never got around to talking to? It’s been 6 days, let it go!

See my biggest problem, which is the main contribution to why I’m still single, is that I can never take the initiative with women. It just doesn’t work for me, I tense up, get reminded of how I’ve been burnt in the past and end up looking like a geek. If I even get that far! Last saturday, I didn’t get that far! She was constantly on her feet running around during the dinner and later she was always surrounded by her women friends. And if I suck at going up and talking to a beautiful woman standing alone, I’m ten times more nervous and afraid if they are in a group. It’s like flying into enemy territory, being shot down and reminded that you forgot the parachute! Ofcourse, there is no certainty you will get shot down unless you take a chance. But I can’t do it. So the only thing stopping me is me 🙁

But I’m still working on it, very slowly.


I had a very good reason for not updating yesterday. I was annoyed. Very annoyed. On tuesday somebody must’ve hit my car when it was parked and busted it up for a good $400! Fortunately I only have to pay $160 of that, the insurance company takes care of the rest. But it is still very annoying having to go through all practical procedures for this kinda thing. So I wasn’t too happy yesterday. But today is a brand new day with brand new problems. But I won’t be bothering you with that, instead I’ll post a top 5!

Top 5 Funniest Movies

This is quite simply the movies I think are the funniest ones I’ve seen. To qualify you have to be able to give me one of my infamous laugh-attacks (when people don’t know if I’m laughing or having as asthma-attack!) and also make fun of someboy, or even better, yourself!

# Movie Motivation
5. Amazon Women on the Moon This movie is just weird. But from the very first scene with Arsenio Hall to the last one with Carrie Fisher I was laughing so hard I couldn’t believe it. There’s one sequence that I didn’t laught at though that’s just boring – the funeral. And that even had Robert Picardo in it!
4. South Park – The Movie Another movie that I was laughing my ass off most of the time, except for all the Devil / Hell parts, I never liked those. But who can keep the laughter away with a song like “Kyle’s Mum is big fat bitch”!?
3. Galaxy Quest This movie gave me several laugh-attacks, best one was after Alan Rickman “you broke the ship” and I had to pause to catch my breath. And then came “Tawny vs. the Computer”-dialogue and “the ship is gonna tear itself apart. Just fyi” 🙂
2. View Akewniverse I know this is chicken, but I just can’t decide which of Kevin Smith’s flics is the funniest one. Jay & Silent Bob was probably the funniest one, but if you haven’t seen the rest you’re lost. But sequences like the Star Wars bashing in “Chasing Amy” made me crawl on the floor beging them to stop!
1. Spaceballs – THE MOVIE As far as I care – the mother of spoof-movies! Things like “shit, I knew it, I’m surrounded by assholes”, “what’s the matter Colonel Sandurz, CHICKEN?” were just right on the spot. Still can’t watch it without pausing at the “when is then gonna be now”-sequence! Thank you Mel Brooks!