I finally got a hold of the pics from our Finn-cruise. Unfortunately, due to a mishap the reel for the first day was unusable 🙁 And that was the day when most of the funny things happened (like me+Åsa spontaneous version of “Living Next Door to Alice”). Anyway, you’ll have to make do with the photos from “the day after”. Check my bio for the pics.


The reason I haven’t been writing anything here for a couple of weeks is because I had a very, VERY needed vacation. I didn’t really do anything special during the vacation. Except helped out for the sci-fi congress in Stockholm. It turned out better than we thought, we got a preview of the new movie X-Men ! And this was on 7th July, before the US premiere and considering this is in Sweden it’s quite a feat!

The movie was very well-made. And I’ve never really read any X-Men comics or anything so I had a little trouble with all the characters. But Anna Paquin has really grown into a babe!