Seems I’ve lost another friend, but not in the dramatic way I lost Eden. My “brother” Jocke (I grew up without a brother, so he’s “the brother I never had”) mistook creative criticism for something else. The story is that for the past months I’ve peaked him about how lazy he is. Not lazy in a “don’t even wanna get out of bed”-way like me, but lazy as in “why bother learning new stuff when I can get someone else to do it”. Latest example would be Warcraft III. I got a cracked, ripped and beaten up hacker version that took some work to get working. He got the same stuff I had but he couldn’t be bothered setting it up himself, so he asked me to fix it for him. On a short term basis that principal works, getting someone else who’s already done it to do it for you is quicker and less painful. But what do you get out of it? You’re not any wiser or anything. So I’ve tried peaking him about the principal of Do It Yourself. If there’s one thing I got going for me professional-wise it’s my creativity and resourcefulness – if I hit a brick wall I do everything I can, time permitting, to solve it myself. During all the times I’ve had to solve problems I’ve learnt something new, maybe not relevant to that specific problem, but I always learn something. So I think it’s a really good thing to try and fix and solve problems yourself. But sometimes I do take a shortcut and ask someone if I’m not in the mood for surfing the web for problems I don’t really want to have. So after trying to tell him this he basically told me to fuck off. Should I have been a bit more tolerant when he asked me again to download new Mutant-X episodes for him, while looking for 13 Ghosts DVD-RIP for him and in the meantime playing Warcraft III (which I don’t even like) with him after I had driven over 80 km just to give him a ride beause he couldn’t be bothered to take the bus. Maybe…. (incidentally – this happened less than 5 days after I got his own ADSL internet connection working)

Anyway, bought myself a new DVD player yesterday, a Pioneer DVD-545. So now I can squeeze 4.7 GB (80 hours!) of MP3 onto a DVD-RW and let it rip. But somehow it didn’t make me feel the least bit better under the circumstances.


Do you know what I think is way underestimated? Humor and comedy in the porno industry! I was flipping through channels yesterday and wound up on channel “Canal + Yellow” where they were showing the porno version of Matrix, called “Trixxx”. That’s humor right there, their titles! “Old McDonald Shags His Farm”, “Austin Prowler”, “Analyze These” and the best one – “Saving Ryan’s Privates”. Some of the… “actors” names are equaly hilarious, “Michael J. Cox!” ๐Ÿ™‚ Then of course there’s the dialogue and story. And if you’re still not laughing, look at one in fast-forward and tell me it’s not funny!
(and don’t go all high and mighty on me saying you’ve never seen one!)
Anyway, off to my parent’s again for the easter weekend. Great food, great company and an F1 race. Have a great weekend everyone!


Payday again in sweden. You know what that means, right? It’s been exactly one month since my best friend died ๐Ÿ™

On an egoistic note – I think this has ruined any joy I may ever have on any future payday…

On an optimistic note however – I got a real life example which proves I’m not a racists: I woke up this morning to the radio-chatter, and the news that Hale Berry had won an Oscar. “Good for her” I thought, “she’s done some really good performances over the years, so she’s worked for it”. Then 7 oยดclock news started and one of the short headlines was “a historic win in best actress category at the Oscars”. “Why is Hale Berry winning historic?”… The youngest? No, Anna Paquin is the youngest one I’m aware of… no, it was historic because she was the first afro-american actress to get it. I didn’t even think about that! To me, that wasn’t even an issue! True, it sounds very much like the “South Park” episode when they had that huge debate over the flag that showed a bunch of white people hanging a black person. But all the kids saw was an bunch of people hanging someone. So once again, I’m reassured I’m not a racist, and I’ll let everyone else think what they want about me.

Btw, this means that X-Men now have two Oscar award winning chicks ๐Ÿ™‚
(of course, both Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen deserves one each, they’re both awesome actors!)


Inspired by Kevin Smith’s bashing of Spears, I’ve written another one of my “Kristoffer’s thoughts on…

Just over a week left now…


Ok, so perhaps I was a bit too harsh about the Olympic opening. Sure there were good things, like Leann Rimes and ofcourse a person who holds a very special place in any “South Park”-fan’s heart – Brian Boitano!
So far, the show’s been a bit of a let-down, but that’s probably because the hockey hasn’t really begun yet!

On a completely different note, remember how much I dislike the modern music industry? Well, it seems my idol and role model Kevin Smith totally agrees with me. (or perhaps it’s the other way around?). I read a recently published article he wrote about how much he dislikes Britney Spears. And his conclusion was… obvious! (“People are into Britney Spears because they want to fuck Britney Spears”)
But although it was obvious, it still takes a man like Kevin to actually say it and to make it sound good! Check out his articles here.

Two weeks and three days to go….


Ok, that will take time to adapt – 2002 ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not going into details about yesterday, I’ll just say it was the best possible way to start 2002. Let’s hope all airplanes can stay in the air this year ๐Ÿ™

I saw “Lord of the Rings” today. I’ve never read the books, I’ve been totally ignorant to the world of Tolkien. So I had no expectations whatsoever. The movie is visually great! Borderlining “stunning”, but not quite there. Beautiful landscapes, nice CGI army and a great cast (for once I actually liked Liv Tyler in a movie!), nice fighting scenes. But the story was way too slow for me. And I’ve never really liked the land of fantasy that much (with the exception of “Mio, min Mio”).

I’ll have no trouble waiting for the next one. But I’m cracking of anticipation for SW Episode II !


Over at NataliePortman.Com we were discussing a song that used some samples from my favorite flic, “Leon”. And now I’ve finally got the MP3 of Eric Serra’s “Hey Little Angel“! My favorite actress in a song from one of my favorite musicians on the soundtrack to my favorite movie. How can I not LOVE IT?!


I don’t know if I’m that booring, but not much has happened in my life. The most exciting thing that’s happened in recent days was when me and my sister, AC, went out in Stockholm for a movie (“Hollow Man”, I’ll give it a 4) and then to O’Learys sportsbar to see the Indianapolis Formula 1 race live. Quite an experience, it really beats sitting home alone watching F1. The mood was great, the food was great, the service was good, the race was excellent and the crowd was superb (and mostly Ferrari :)).

On a personal note, I’m now officially a staff-member of NataliePortman.com . Yeah baby! I’m in charge of the image gallery. Sounds easy right? You trying indexing, categorizing etc. over 2000 images.


The reason I haven’t been writing anything here for a couple of weeks is because I had a very, VERY needed vacation. I didn’t really do anything special during the vacation. Except helped out for the sci-fi congress in Stockholm. It turned out better than we thought, we got a preview of the new movie X-Men ! And this was on 7th July, before the US premiere and considering this is in Sweden it’s quite a feat!

The movie was very well-made. And I’ve never really read any X-Men comics or anything so I had a little trouble with all the characters. But Anna Paquin has really grown into a babe!


After another very booring day at work I decided to make a nice little tribute to, what I consider to be, one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen, Natalie Portman (most famous for playing the Queen in SW Episode I, although I still think “Leon” is her best movie yet. Then again, I haven’t seen her latest, “Where the Heart Is”).
And when I say “beautiful”, I not only mean that she’s great looking, but almost everything I read or see about her is just… beautiful ! Don’t know why I did it, I mean, she’s never gonna see it and there are 100s of Natalie sites around, but it just felt like a nice thing to do.