My Sister’s Keeper

Saw “My Sister’s Keeper” yesterday. I know, it’s a “chick-flic” but it’s Helenas birthday so spending two hours in the movies is the least I could do. I mean, she sat through the latest “Star Trek”-movie and “Tron” for me 🙂

Anyway, the movie is about a all american couple who just wants a normal life with a house and happy kids. All goes well until the daughter get’s leukemia. And with lack of donors they create a tailor made daughter that’s completely compatible in every way and use her to make the sister well. Now she’s grown a bit and at 11 the older sister get’s sick again and they need to transplant the younger sister’s kidney and she says “No, no more” and “lawyers up”. There’s a few sidestories (like the neglected son who goes off to do whatever without anyone caring, or the older sister’s lovestory) but it’s mainly about the family and the parents just trying to do what’s right. I though it was gonna be just an emotional piece of garbage that only chicks could like and one year ago I would probably still feel that afterwards. But instead, now that I’m about 4 months away from becoming a father myself, it was difficult not to get emotional and imagine the pain and the struggle of everyone. Because one of this things it did good was to show the story from everyone’s point of view. Although they did their best to make the mother look like the villain at the same time you knew she wasn’t, she was just doing what she thinks is right. And one thing they also did was to go to the extremes – extreme happiness, extreme sorrow, extreme this and that, they really pushed that. And it was hard not to cry at certain things, like the beach-scene! Only one thing I found off was Thomas Dekker and Sofia Vassilieva as a couple knowing age difference (which was only 5, thought it was more)

If you think you can take an emotional roller coaster ride like that and drop a tear or two then go and see it!

Here’s To The Joes!

I saw “G.I Joe” the other day. From what I could tell by the trailer it was gonna be one good actionride from start to end. But ofcourse the trailers doesn’t really tell you everything!

Because it was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. After about 10 minutes me and my fiance looked at eachother and said “is this a kids movie or for growups”. And after thinking about it, it should be for kids since it’s based on the toys. But did they have to make it THAT childish! Everything is over the top, from the cliches, the characters, the action, everything is amplified just so the kids get it while the grownups are asking “why are we watching this crap??”. After about 50 minutes I wanted to turn it off but she wouldn’t let me and forced me to watch the rest. And the only one plot twist was oh so very predictable! Can’t believe Jonathan Price agreed to this crap! And can’t believe Brendan Frasier agreed to it and was only in it for like 2 minutes!

This kind of movie is why people rather download than spend $20 going to the movies – ’cause you never know what movie is gonna be so bad that you’ll feel ripped off!


The other day I had a terrible revelation – I’m becoming what I hated 15 years ago!!

Wind the clock back to high school. Things sucked bad for me in most ways and like most teens I questioned “why go on?” and if Knut F. hadn’t stepped in I’m not sure I had. Then I happened to see a little movie called “Pump Up The Volume” that really showed me this is what teenage is all about. I totally recognized so much in that movie it was kinda scary. One of the points of the movie is that all parents just want their kids to be normal and go to school, get educated, find a girlfriend and get a job and be normal. Which is really not what the kids wants. And I remember hating all the parents in the movie that told their kids “just be normal”.

Well folks, last week I said “I just hope our son is normal” and it hit me like a blast from a shotgun what I’d just said! Of course in this case I’m more referring to any birth defects or missing toes or something but I do actually just hope our son is normal and goes to school like a normal kid and gets educated, finds a girlfriend and so on. And it sucks that I feel that. Because it’s still very fresh in my mind the fucked up teen years I had when I was anything but normal. But I should take some comfort in the fact that I’m doing ok regardless!

John Hughes

Woke up this morning with one thing on my mind – doing another round of painting on the house.

Then I started reading the news to find out John Hughes is dead!! What tha hell!? This guy wrote some of my favorite movies ever!

I know I was too young to “get” Breakfast Club/16 Candles the first time I saw it but with the fucked up school years I had, belive you me, I totally got it and it absolutely helped me survive it.
Ferris Bueller I still consider to be one of the funnies movies ever! When I first saw it I just rolled on the floor laughing so hard when they crashed the Ferrari it was unbelievable! Then we have the “National Lampoons”-movies that are rerun forever (see Christmas Vacation every year) and more.

(EDIT: I’d earlier made a reference to the Jackson “Thriller” video, but ofcourse that was John Landis, another 80’s icon!)

Really sad he’s no longer with us. Although his spirit lives on in his movies.

The wheels are turning

Everything is slowly moving ahead to us moving into our new house in 2 weeks time. They still have some loose ends to tie up, some electricity work and the wallpaper goes up last, and an inspection on 13th and then we can go ahead and move in. Thats the plan now anyway. Can’t wait!!

Saw “Knowing” the other day. I like the first 99.9% of the film but in the very last scene they ruin it for me by going religious. It’s a bit like “Battlestar Galactica” – love 99% of it had they not been that religious.


One of many things me and Helena have in common is we like movies! And we’ve seen quite a few in the recent couple of weeks, even gone to the cinemas – 3 times!!
Wolverine was pretty good and fun action. Angels and Demons was so so. And then we saw Terminator Salvation and it was abit of a disappointment! It was good action but it took itself way too seriously, hardly any comedy, paper thin story. So not that impressed. Atleast the third one had some moral to it, this was just plain action.

But one movie we saw on dvd the other week was “Fireproof”. We thought it was gonna be a good drama/romantical movie about a couple who’d grown apart and was on the brink of divorce. But it wasn’t. It was a sugar-overload sent by the american jesus christ society! I’m all for respecting other people and their beliefs and if they want to believe in jesus christ then go ahead. But don’t try to convert the world through these kinds of Hallmark movies! I mean the movie and story was ok, had it just not been for the “I have to love god to know what love really is” crap they kept on about.

And someone really should take a look at the subwoofer in Heron number 9 cause it’s been sounding crazy for a year now…

"What If" Operation Valkyrie Had Been a Success?

So there’s another movie coming out about Operation Valkyrie, you know, the old plot of blowing up Hitler and his military chiefs to hell, but this time it’s Tom Cruise as Stauffenberg so should make some headlines. Anyway, heard an interesting “what if” that was related to this movie from some random movie critic, and you all know I love “what if” scenarios.

What if they had been succesfull?
I don’t know if it would’ve made _that_ big difference if they’d killed Hitler that late in the game (July 1944). It’s even more interesting to speculate if someone could’ve killed him even before it started. How would that affect history? Things you don’t really think about, like NASAs #1 rocket guy, von Braun, that helped the states in the space race, he wouldn’t have the expertice he had. Not to mention fusion power and stuff like that.

That was one of the few things I liked about “Benjamin Button”, they had a very interesting “cause and effect” sequence that showed just how little small irrelevant things can hurt you…

Enough philosophy for one day, tonight it’s time for another nice steak at Texas Longhorn, jummy!

Movies and Even More Movies

In the past few weeks me and my girlfriend have watched more movies than anyone should. But we really have nothing better to do in our spare time right now than watch a movie or two. And I’m not really complaining since I like movies 🙂

Finally saw “Mamma Mia!” (had to buy it on blueray just cause I can!), quite a funny and good movie for all generations basically. I was most interested to see how they incorporated “Does your mother know”. ‘Cause let’s phase it, had it been either of the male actors singing it to a young girl it wouldn’t work today.. most innovative use of a Abba song was “Lay All Your Love on me”, loved that one!

Biggest disappointment yet was Benjamin Button. Sorry but it felt like it tried to be Forrest Gump… but didn’t quite achieve that epic feel. Big disappointment there. Or maybe “Wanted” was the biggest disappointment? That’s not even worth words… or maybe X-Files was even worse?.. so many stupid movies made today…

“Expired” was a bit funny and cute but overall pretty boring. “Seven Pounds” was very boring but the last 10 minutes make up for the boring movie cause it’s so good ending I had to drop a little tear. “Grey Matter” was pretty slow but sweet, “Alien Raiders” was surprisingly good thriller/horror. Never been into horror movies but Helena is so I just adapt.

And countless comedies, “Accepted”, “My Best Friends Girl” but best one was “Step Brothers”, didn’t expect it to be _that_ funny! And ofcourse Kevin Smiths latest, “Zack and Miri Makes a Porno” which was funny, just not hilarious.

Can’t wait for the F1 season to start 🙂

The Man From Earth

Speaking of movies, we saw a pretty interesting movie the other day called “The Man from Earth“. It was one of those low-budget movies where everything was dialogue. It was about a guy that was moving away and his collegues and friends, most of which were professors or scholars of some kind, was throwing an improvised farewell party. And he dropped the bomb that the reason he was going away cause he had to before people started noticing he was weird and didn’t age. It’d been like that for the past 20.000 years. And they spent the rest of the movie toying with the idea. Great fun and interesting concept, can really recommend it!

Also saw “Get Smart”. Surprisingly funny movie. I couldn’t stop laughing at the answer to the question “how did you get here so fast!?”, good stuff 🙂

Guess I’m Not That Geeky

 Yesterday me, my girlfriend and my two best movie friends Ricki and Eva tried out a movie-quiz night at Pet Sounds Bar in stockholm! It was basically small video or audio clips from more or less famous movies and guessing some trivia about them, like directors, oscars and stuff.

And we didn’t even get close to winning! I was afraid that we’d either crush the competition or the questions would be about Hungarian independant movies and we’d end up with 0 points. But we finished in the midfield which I thought was quite ok.
(what wasn’t ok was when I saw a question about christmas movie and the question was “what building?” I said “Die Hard, Nakatomi!” a good 30 minutes before we even got to that question, but hey, it’s one of my favourite movies!)


My and Helena went out with a couple she knows and we went to the movies, since all of us enjoy a good movie. But since we’re not entirely synced what everyone has seen it was decided we’d see Wall-e since noone had seen that. I went in with almost no expectations…

… but it was the best goddamn film of the year!! At some points I was laughing so hard I cried, it was hilarious! And “sweet” in a very cute way!!

What I found most fascinating, and this is my friend Ricki’s fault!, was how very little was said in ways of verbally but how incredible the communication was with body language and tone .. and they were robots!!!

It was awesome, go see it!


Yesterday I saw a movie that got me.. emotional. In many ways. It was called “Sharkwater” (IMDB link) and was a documentary about sharks, but not in the average way. It began by dismissing all myths about sharks being evil and human-eating killing machines and did a pretty good job of that. Then it went on about the food chain in the ocean and spent a large portion of the movie dealing with illegal shark fishing for the fins going to the asian market. It got me pretty damn pissed off seeing it. I’m not the most environmentally friendly person and even though I make a few contributions to Greenpeace but I’m not that into it. But I still got pissed at it. If we won’t stop simply for the humanitarian reason of dismembering sharks and throwing them back into the ocean then do it for the very environmental reason of them being so vital for the oxygen production in the oceans! Never knew this was such a big thing and I really don’t know if I should take everything in this movie at face value but it still got me going.

But it was all done with some incredible underwater footage that was just awesome!! Go see it!!

This Is Too Good …

Warning : Gonna be deep now!

Do you remember a movie called “American Beauty”? I loved it when I saw it but there was one part of it I didn’t get. The weird kid Ricky who filmed the bags. After this weekend I totally get that character. And here’s why!

On our second date we were gonna see a movie (her choice… Jumper!) and she was gonna fix dinner at her place before the movie. I get there and she’s the nice hostess and everything but I’m picking up signals saying “I so regret inviting you but I’m too nice to call it off and hoping you’re gonna get the hint soon!” but I’ve been wrong before so I’m going with it. Awesome dinner by the way! We go to the movie and after the movie it was so different signals and we walked and talked and ended up at Regeringshuset and at the water there we kinda got to it, physically. Then slow walk back to her car, talking and we agreed to go back to our respective beds and sleep on it. As if that was gonna happen, I couldn’t sleep at all. So at 2 am I checked my mail and there was .. probably the most amazing e-mail anyone have ever written to me. It was so good it hurt a bit. I had to get up and walk it off cause it hit me right in the gut. After getting the nerve to even try to reply to that we agreed she’d come over to my place on sunday for an inspection. Fortunately it was decently clean and I passed that inspection and after talking a bit, playing a bit PS3 we tried seeing a movie. We failed. And as I was lying there with this awesome woman, kissing her, holding her and looked into her eyes that’s when it hit me… the quote from Ricky in American Beauty.. “Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world I feel like I can’t take it, like my heart’s going to cave in.” That’s pretty much how I felt at the time. Then we had to go back to her place to take care of her cats but it really didn’t matter where we were, as long as it was us two.

And breaking the speed record here.. I already have a toothbrush at her place now!

Move Along, Nothing To See

I’ll admit I’ve been a self-righteous SOB in the past 2 weeks and realised that I’d actually downright lied right in the face to a woman the other day (which is so rare I actually have to point it out!) so I’m not too happy how this all turned out. So… closed. Moving on. Time to try to date someone my own age I guess 🙂

Also saw “Valley of Elah” the other day. Sorry but… boring 🙁 See Tommy Lee Jones that depressed for that long is … well depressing!

The Brave One

Saw “The Brave One” yesterday. That’s a movie I have heard nothing about at all. I would probably not have seen it at all had it not been for the company I was in that wanted to see it because of Jodie Foster. I’m not that big of a fan of hers, only movies she’s bee in tha I love is “Taxi Driver” and “Contact”. And here she plays a happy every day normal New Yorker that goes through a dramatic thing and goes a bit bananas. I loved it! I don’t know if was her acting, her monologues, the story, I don’t know but I loved this movie! Definitely a must buy when it comes out on blueray!!

Heath Ledger

I missed doing an updated about it last week, been so busy. But I was really sad to hear Heath Ledger died. Ofc it’s always sad when people die, especially if they are younger than me…

But in his case I was really sad cause I liked the guy. I loved “A Knight’s Tale”, it’s one of my favorite movies. I still haven’t gotten around to see “Brokeback Mountain” because it really doesn’t seem to be my kind of movie, but all the other movies with the guy and the interviews/documentaries I’ve seen with him I really liked the guy. I hope it doesn’t make “A Knight’s Tale” sad to watch next time, that would such more.

Movies, Movies And Even More Movies

I dunno why, but I can’t get the song “Living Darfu” out of my head!

But I’ve seen alot of movies recently:
“AvP2” was really good, way better than the first, alot of slaughter!
“Sicko” was pretty interesting to see how bad it is over there according to Michael Moore.
“Oceans 13″… better than 12 but not as good as 11. Pretty funny to see the 3 machoest guys (Clooney, Pitt and Damon) crying on Oprah 🙂 And Ellen Barkin is always good!
Biggest surprise was actually “Shoot ’em Up”, hilarious movie! I love movies that don’t take themselves too seriously and this one surely didn’t, and it was fun. And I like Monica Belucci.
“The Kingdom” was better than I thought it was gonna be, but being a Chris Cooper & Jason Bateman fan I had to see it and was pleasently surprised. It summed up the problem pretty nicely in the last scene – when an american FBI agent says “we’ll kill ’em all!” it’s cool. When a 11 year old arab boy who’s father was killed by said FBI agent and says the exact same thing it’s scary.

And then there was “Arn”. One of swedens best authors wrote a few books about a swedish temple knight, his childhood, his love and his time in the holy land, and the books were very succesful. So they got alooooot of money and investments into a big movie and it premiered a few weeks ago and I saw it this weekend. 2 1/2 hours of complete and utter trash! The only interesting part was his time in israel, the rest was complete trash. The romance story was pathetic, the dialogue was worse than “Star Wars Episode III” (and that was bad!), and the acting… I know the guy was supposed to have a shitty life and they really got an actor that got that “someone shit in my cereal” look on his face. I dunno what it is about swedish movies but they just can’t pull off some stuff. But I guess it’s unpatriotic to not see it. But seriously, when has patriotism ever been good… (says the man jumping out of his seat screaming of joy when sweden equalized in the junior ice hockey world championship against Canada… too bad they lost in the end)

You Know Things Are Good When …

I saw AvP2 yesterday. Pretty damn good flic!! I just had to open with that so I can make the following argument without being a hipocrite:

But you know things are good when the two biggest newspapers lead story today is Britney Spears was admitted to a hospital yesterday. I mean, that must mean there’s nothing more important going on anywhere that we need to report on? No weather abnomolies, no pre-primary presidential preparation election in the US (that the third biggest newspaper was leading with), no revolution in Kenya, no snowstorm in Stockholm, nope, Britney got admitted to hospital, that’s really everything.

I’m Losing It

Weird weekend that was! On thursday I had a date (went pretty good), on friday I decided to try out jogging now that my bike is broken then got busy Warcrafting and then the new computer game Hellgate hit the stores. On saturday I squezed myself into a pair of 34″ waist jeans… two things about that that just makes me think I’m going nuts – first of all jeans. I haven’t worn jeans since the 80’s basically. So why now? Well quite a few women have said “now that you’ve lost all that weight, when are we gonna see you in jeans?” so I had to do it only to shut them up. And they were 34″ waist!! Back in may I was wearing 42″ !! That’s 8 inches gone in 4 months! (not counting the last month since I haven’t lost anything in the past weeks)!!
Then we hit the sci-fi convention that was in town over the weekend, followed that up by catching “1408” (slightly disappointing movie) and finished the weekend with even more Warcrafting and jogging. Man that was a busy weekend. And this week I didn’t have much planned at all. Now I got go-carting on thursday, dinner with friends on friday, probably date-dinner on saturday and home to my parents for father’s day on sunday. And I’m not even trying to keep busy, I just am!

"All of lifes really important questions are answered in the movies!"

Actually don’t remember exactly where that quote is from, think it was some “Star Trek Deep Space Nine” episodes?

ANYWAY, let’s get a little bit less serious than yesterday. ‘Cause I’ve been catching up on some movies and wanna share some opinions:
Bourne Ultimatum : I likes this series of films. Alot. The first one was really good but the second one was a bit of a letdown with all the action but not much storywise. But this one made up for that. Highly recommended. And not alot of romance to spoil it either.
Resident Evil Extinction : Again, loved the first one but second one was just a bit too much flipped out for my liking and having two action chicks didn’t really work. But this one made up for that a bit. Not quite as good as the first but better than the 2nd.
28 Weeks Later : Sequel to 28 days later which I never really got what the point was. And same with this, didn’t really get the point. And except for that tilted helicopter scene just a big waste of time.
Knocked up : Surprisingly deep but not as funny as I hoped it would be. Still recommend it though. And good sex ed film for kids 🙂