I recently saw “In Time“. It’s labelled a “sci-fi action thriller” on IMDB. I’m no huge fan of Justin Timberlake, but Olivia Wilde was in it so I gave it a shot. A bit of a spoiler about the premise of the movie here so if you don’t want to know anything about the movie stop reading now.


The premise is that in a not too distant future we will not have money. Instead the currency of choice is time. Everyone is born with one year that is activated at 25, meaning if you’re a lazy poor person you’ll die at when you turn 26. This in itself is an interesting idea and then you add how the “upper class” is using this system to control the lower class people and keep them in check. Simply raise the interest if you want to decrease the population in the slums etc. And then ofcourse there’s a “Timekeeper” to make sure the system isn’t tampered with.

All of this would have made for atleast 2 seasons of a good science fiction show. Instead they crammed it into a 2 hour movie and it just never got as deep as the idea deserves.

I don’t regret seeing it though…


There are two bills in the US congress that threaten the very core of the internet – FREEDOM!

First we have the very publicized “SOPA” which is a very broad reaching bill that will enable copyright holders like the movie studios to censure websites in the states if they in any way host copyrighted material, talk about how to illegally obtain copyrighted material or even link to anything that has copyrighted material. That bill is being redrafted since there was so much opposition to it but as Jimmy Wales said in his tweet – “it’s not off the table”. And then we have PIPA which isn’t that bad but would still make it possible to force sites like to go overseas and censure it for the people in the US.

I support them in spirit of what they are trying to do. I mean if I spent a fortune producing a movie only to see it on a torrentsite for download day after release I’d be pretty pissed off to. But they are still so broad and cover so many things that they would change how the internet works since people that run websites would need to go through them almost non-stop to make sure there are no copyright infringements anywhere. How much would YouTube have to work to keep it clean? And Facebook? And google search (cause let’s face it, google is a great searchtool to find torrents.. if you’re into that).

Everytime a dictatorship like oh I don’t know … say China blocks the internet for their citizens the west are quick to condemn it, saying “what gives them the right to control what their citizens can see on the internet”. Well this will give the US government that power. And it won’t be political but $$$.

So on wednesday some sites like Reddit and Wikipedia will be offline. As will There isn’t that much that we, as non US citizens can do, but this we can do!!


I very rarely stay home sick from work. Usually some cortison-based lotion, pill or spray helps with most things that go wrong with me. Last year when I had the shingles I still went to work, had to pop some Iprens towards the end but went to work regardless. But last week I got hit by a really nasty cold and woke up very early thursday morning and not only a soar throat – a really aching throat. Some Vicks and painkillers, an hour sleep and I then gave up on the idea of going to work. Took the son to kindergarten and went back to bed. And it was goooooooood! I stayed home on friday as well because I wasn’t fully operational and maybe even contagious (have you seen Contagion yet? 🙂 ) and got a lot of gaming done and just enjoying 8 hours off from work, wife and son.. well as much as you can while sneezing and wiping your nose all the time!

But now my 2 sickdays for the year are over and done with. I hope. ‘Cause I think over the past 10 years that should be my annual average.


Today I finally MP3 coded the radiointerview with me and Godzilla. It’s about 10 MB big, but man was it fun making it! Check out my bio to read about this interview. Credits go to my sister who taped it.


I’ve gotten some complaints that I don’t have any stuff or any interesting things on this site. Well I’m sorry, but this is “my very own domain”, and mostly it contains info about me and some very few special others, so you can complain all you want, but this is my place.

So what’s new in my life? Not much I’m afraid, trying to keep everything rolling at work. Other than that, Sweden was knocked out of the European Championship in soccer. Surprise? Not very… But on the upside, Schumacher won the Canadian Formula-1 GP 🙂


Sorry I havn’t written anything here in a while, but this time it’s because I’ve been too busy. A week ago I got the honorable mission of redoing the websites imagegallery. About 1500 pics, categorized and all with thumbnails and texts and everything, took a loooong time but now it’s done and I’ve done my part for peace on Earth. You think?


I got a couple of “sure you know Nat’s real name” letters. But now I can prove it. If you do a Yahoo search on her real name, “My Dedication to Natalie Portman” is the first page that will come up. During the very, very booring weekend I had I finished a Flash-anim dedication to Natalie. You can find that here. As I said, this weekend was very booring, but it was a long time ago that I had a weekend without any plans whatsoever (except the Monaco GP).


Yeah, I’m finally 25 years old, or as my brother-in-law called me, “quarter of a century”.  And this was a super slow day at work, let me tell you! Thank god for MP3 🙂

I’ve started a small flash dedication to Natalie. Mostly I needed to learn the program, but I hope you’ll like it. And speaking of Portman, the extended version of “Léon” is coming out on Region 1 DVD in august. YEAH!


Sorry I haven’t written anything here, but you see…. nothings been happening in my life. I’VE GOT NO LIFE! Damn!

Anyways, tonight we’re gonna party! We’re going on Silja Festival boat to Åland for a 24 hour cruise and I’m probably gonna be sorry tomorrow morning. And another victory for the great Internet – a guy at work challenged me to find a bit of information on the net, specifically Natalies last name. Kris + Internet 1 point, and $50 bucks richer!

I know there’s a big “invasion of privacy” issue involved in that undertaking, but to my defense I only used public databases, and also I’m a firm believer in “informations wants freedom”. and the info stays with me! So no, don’t ask for it. If I can do it so could you if you really care that much.


I wasn’t at all happy with the Natalie-page I put up so I did a more extensive one located here. Enjoy !


After another very booring day at work I decided to make a nice little tribute to, what I consider to be, one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen, Natalie Portman (most famous for playing the Queen in SW Episode I, although I still think “Leon” is her best movie yet. Then again, I haven’t seen her latest, “Where the Heart Is”).
And when I say “beautiful”, I not only mean that she’s great looking, but almost everything I read or see about her is just… beautiful ! Don’t know why I did it, I mean, she’s never gonna see it and there are 100s of Natalie sites around, but it just felt like a nice thing to do.


Had a totally boring day at work, so I updated the menu and fixed the CSS. That’s how boring this is.
If it wasn’t for “Städdagen” wednesdays are way too BORING !


So Denmark won the Eurovision Song Contect 2000. Read the story about the song, “Fly on the Wings of Love”. And do I agree with that guy or what, women are the most beautifull creation _ever_ ! All I have to do is walk into our reception at work to have that confirmed. Don’t you just love women!!!!
(although I have the outmost respect for gays, I could _never_ be one…)


Just got home from a weekend in Finspång, a countryside town in southern Sweden. Tomas van der Poll, a fellow trekker friend of mine, had a 31st birthday party. A very successfull party with lot’s of eating and socializing. Thanx to Jenny, his wife, for the great food, and everyone who attended for the company. Especially Eva and Bosse for the ride over there.


It’s official – I hate Finland ! Not only do they win Formula 1 all the time, nor is it enough to take Malin away from us but now they beat us in the quarter finals in the ice-hockey World Championship in S:t Petersburg! And I’m going there in two weeks, and I really hope I’ll meet a nice finn for a change. But I wouldn’t count on it.


Our department at work was invited to go see the Glen Killing gang at Gran Hotel, something I really wanted to do. But something, or rather someone, came in the way of those plans and I had to cancel, which turned out to be a pretty good choice. Besides, I have a really hard time saying “no” to women.


I did another radio appearence today! Tomas Graneryd, radio host on Radio Stockholm, invited me to come over there and have a talk with Johan “Godzilla” from the TV show “Villa Medusa”. If you’re not Swedish or have Kanal 5 you probably don’t know who he is, which is your loss. It was pretty fun, I’ll post an MP3 recording of it as soon as I can.


This was a day of mourning. One of the nicest women that I’ve ever met (who, somehow, was immune to all my attempts at getting a date), got a gig to work in Finland. Since her job here was just a part-time job she accepted and this was the last day I chatted with her and got to say goodbye. Now I really dislike Finland !