Regarding Carema

Sweet –

It’s basically the findings of an investigation into how Carema have handled the care of elderly and they can’t find nothing wrong that Carema isn’t fixing and they also go as far as saying that the media was in some cases totally outright lying. 🙂

Women’s day, huh?

So it’s the International Women’s Day today.. what does that exactly mean? And does it mean every other day of the year is Men’s Day? ..

I don’t need a special day to remind me how much I love my beautiful Helena; the woman that keeps me on my toes at home instead of being the lazy couch potato I’d probably be; the mother of my wonderful child; the love of my life; the wonderful person that I wake up next to every morning… hm, I guess it took a special day for me to write it though 🙂


Time to post some pictures. I haven’t done that in a while so there is alot to post.

Here we have pictures from when we went out to have some fun in the snow, going sleigh riding down the slopes and whatnot.

Here are some pictures from Sams 2nd birthday which we celebrated a little bit but since it was a normal weekday we didn’t have much of a party, but enough for him to know it was a special day.

Here are some pictures from the real birthday party we had on Sunday.

Password is the name of my current employer.

It’s My Party …

Yesterday we had a birthday party for Sam. We were a bit unsure if we should invite family or friends with kids he can play with. Because after all it is his party, not ours. But we eventually decided to invite “people he likes to be with” which included my sister, mother and father and same for H. And some other friends and neighbours with kids. So about 20 people all in all. And our house suddenly felt a bit small!!

But next year will probably be different. He’ll be three by then and hopefully have made friends at kindergarten that we can invite because I really wanna make his birthday parties about him!

I Spoke Too Soon

Right, so remember a few updates ago that I mentioned that “I’ve been sick enough for the whole year”. Well I spoke way too soon on that one! After we’d gone to the cemetery on Saturday to honor Eden we went back here to watch some Star Trek now in Bluray. And all of a sudden I got this vibe that not all is right with me. And on sunday I woke up with a fever and banging headache. Popped a few iprens, drank alot of Coke, stayed in bed and watched F1. It was so bad I was totally delirious all sunday night! Monday was even worse, my fever spiked at 39.5! And my throat started to swell up. Tuesday not much better. Wednesday the fever went away but still very swollen throat and today my throat is dry as hell, I dont have much energy so I’m home from work one more day.

But I HAVE to go to work tomorrow! Call it work ethic or pride or whatever, usually it’s in Sweden considered idiotic to come in and work one day, especially a Friday but I just can’t stay home any more! And I’ve run out of Formula 1 races to watch!!
So now I’ve had the “common flu”.. is this really so common? Down and out for almost 4 days!? What’s up with that? And you have to appreciate the irony that I’ve just started working for this healthcare company…



10 years ago today that I got that horrible phonecall. 10 years ago today that my friend died in his flat. On the one hand it seems like ages ago considering all I’ve done since then (travelled the world, got married, had a son, built a house, changed jobs twice). But on the other hand it feels like yesterday – sitting in his flat enjoying some DVD’s or the latest episode of “Enterprise”. And the memories from arranging his (kick ass!) funeral.

On the upside I learned alot of things from him and I learned to appreciate life more than I did before because all of a sudden it could be over. And I got to know Ricki whom I’m still great friends with, so atleast something positive about that. But I still miss him and find myself thinking “if that hadn’t happen where would he be today and would my life have turned out this way?”.. I know, it’s irrelevat since it did happen, but still..
Going to Skogskyrkogården today with Eva and Ricki and Markus to pay our respects.
“To absent friend!”

Business Idea

Wanna hear a great business idea? Start a shady company with multiple company names and addresses, sell incredibly cumbersome items like say a couch for $2500, offer to have it delivered to your doorstep for only $100 more and say “it’ll be here in 8 weeks, we’ll call you when it’s ready for delivery”. Then 3 weeks later call the customer and say “it’s here already so you can pick it up yourself if you want, or wait 5 weeks because that’s when we’re suppose to deliver it, your choice but if you chose to pick it up yourself you won’t get any money back”.

Oh wait… Masku / Finnlandia / Läderinvest AB is already doing that 🙁


Yesterday we took Sam to the doctor again to have another look at his eczema / allergies. They quickly said “that’s not normal!” which is a good start in our opinion! Although they don’t know if he’s allergic to anything and the state he’s in right now there’s no use doing one of those prick tests. But we got more penecillin and 3 more creams to use on him and some histamines to stop the itching.

And we’ll be doing that for 2 weeks and we’ll go back for another visit to take a blood sample to see if they can figure out if there’s something he’s extremely allergic to. But until then it’s just “keep on going as normal”. I’m just happy he seems unaffected by it!


You know I’m huge on retro, right? I’m a sucker for 80’s references and “the good old days”. So this year is looking to be quite extraordinary!

First we have the blu-ray release of “Star Trek The Next Generation”. Then we have tons of video-game remakes coming this year – Leisure Suit Larry, X-Com and Syndicate, all of which I played like mad “back in the day”. So I’ll get my share of retro this year 🙂


I usually don’t miss much Star Trek related. Or movie related. So when a friend of mine said “have you preordered the Blueray of The Next Generation?” and I’m all ????. I had no idea this was even happening so gimme a minute to handle it. It was just too good to be true!

The big problem is of course that like most TV shows between say 1970-2000 it was filmed with “normal” resolution cameras. Before, back in the days of the original Star Trek, it was filmed on 35 mm film which means taking it to bluray isn’t a big issue, they “only” had to redo the f/x like the “this is the Enterprise in orbit” cut scenes. And TV shows after 2000 was mostly filmed in HD anyway so not a big problem transferring to bluray. But all this TV inbetween there is stuck in DVD quality. Until some smart enthusiastic person got an OK to reprocess every single scene of “The Next Generation” to HD quality which is gonna take alot of time but as a teaser they released “The Next Level” this week which is 3 episodes (“Encounter at Farpoint”, “Sins of the Father” and my favorite “The Inner Light”). This is just meant as a teaser for us to see what is possible so we’ll preorder the bix boxes coming soon.
And it kinda worked!! Most scenes of “The Inner Light” was very very bright (which is part of the story) so alot of stuff in the background got very very grainy. I didn’t see that much of it in the other episodes. But apart from that, the f/x and everything made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Unfortunately I have two problems this time around that I didn’t have when “The Next Generation” was released on DVD – back then I could afford it and I had the time to watch it. Now I’m not sure I have either 🙁


Today I’m a really, really REALLY proud dad. Why?…

Watch this and this ! It took me almost two years but it’s finally done. My son now finally knows which one of all his cars is the worlds bestest car!!



So it seems that my worries wasn’t in vain – my son has indeed inherited my eczema. It’s not a huge surprise since it’s in the genes on my side. And on every checkup I’ve made it a point to tell them I’m concerned he’s inherited it and that the dry red hardened patch on his throat may not only be dry skin but actually eczema and everytime I’ve been told it’s normal. As late 6 weeks ago we were told it’s normal by the pediatrician. 2 1/2 weeks ago we were told it’s not normal but probably a result of the tonsillitis. And now after 10 days of penicillin it’s still bad and we saw a doctor on tuesday who said “no this is definitely eczema, I’ll send you to a specialist”. And I got the “no shit Sherlock”-feeling I hate.

And then it gets worst when I tell people it’s eczema and we’re going to see a specialist, I’ve always gotten a “well good it’s nothing bad/worse than that”! It’s like people don’t know what it means! It’s a life long suffering with itching and scratching and bleeding and creams!! I’m really happy it almost went away when I hit puberty but it’s come back in the past few years, so yeah, I still have to use prescribed creams and stuff all the time. So you bet your ass I hoped it was something else like chicken pox or something like that that would be bad for a week or two and then it’s over, or even something else that there’s a cure or treatment for, but eczema, you’re never gonna get a treatment for that (unless there is some huge advances in genetics!) so that’s a life long issue to deal with, one I hoped my son wouldn’t.

Don’t know when we’ll get an appointment to see the specialist or even when we’ll be able to test his allergies. Worst case is that he’s as allergic to fur as I was and we’ll have to get rid of the cats.


A few months ago I mentioned how annoyed I was with the current reporting about the company I work for, Carema. There was a borderline witch hunt from the media to take down the “evil greedy corporation” that they wanted to portray Carema as. As I said I work here so I know better.And I was surprised at how some stories were downright lies and that they never, even after Carema presented their version, wrote about that.

Well now an independant review company have gone through the media events and the result is here:
This was ofcourse initiated by Carema but still, it points out alot of bad things about the reporting during this time. Not as if there is any chance any of the big media channels will ever write anything about the report, but there it is…


Finally suspended my Facebook account. I’ll miss George Takei’s funny posts, my wife and sisters statusupdates about all things irrelevant but funny to know.

But I won’t miss the “I have to check my Facebook!” feeling when I go to bed or the cyberdrama that sometimes fuck things up in real life. And I won’t miss an evil coporation forcing their will upon me, even if it was for free. So for now it’s suspended. Maybe in the future I’ll feel a need to have it but for now, not so much.

Everyone who wants to know what’s happening with me and the family just have got to learn to check this instead. Sorry!


For alot of reasons I’ve given up my dedicated IP address I’ve had pointing to my server home, most of all because it was costing us money better spent elsewhere (see post about “soffa”!). So I repoint my domainname here to Blogspot instead so everything except my image gallery is here instead. The image gallery is now at “” which is the dynamic IP address for my server at home.

But for people visiting this site there won’t be much change I hope.
Also took the time to update “My Travels” and “Mini Bio” page since they hadn’t been updated for a very long time.


Sam is pretty pissed nowadays. The most frustrating thing for him is he want’s something and he says it, he points to it and we, being the totally oblivious parents that we are, have no idea what he means. At the dinner table he can point at something and says “ia!” and we’re sitting there guessing at everything that’s on the kitchen table and after the 10th guess he gets upset and frustrated and then it goes downhill after that.

He understands what we’re saying most of the time, you can clearly see that. We just wish we could understand him better and what he wants. As it turns out he’s had an infection in his throat (tonsillitis) for weeks without us knowing that it was something medically wrong with him. In our defense we took him to the doctors before Christmas and they didn’t think it was anything serious, it was last Monday that they actually did tests and since then he’s been on penicillin and he’s getting better.

But he still gets upset when we don’t know what he’s talking about. Then again who wouldn’t…


When we moved into our house 2 1/2 years ago we spent a fortune on furniture and interior decorating. One of those things was a soffa from Ikea for about 10.000 Swedish crowns.Now, after our cats and son have done his part we’re totally in agreement that we need a new one and this one in leather. Hopefully the hair from the cats won’t build up like a massive core and everything our son spills will just clean right up.

So we spent last weekend looking around on the web and this weekend we spent going to all the furniture stores we could get to without Sam throwing a complete fit. It wasn’t easy but eventually we found a soffa in leather that felt good and was big enough for us to lie in comfortably. And it cost us about 20.000 Swedish crowns. !!! I know, right!

I just hope that in 3 years time we’re not back at this problem having to buy another soffa for 20.000 or more again!!


I haven’t really decided to go totally off the Facebook grid ’cause I still enjoyed getting information on what’s happening with friends and stuff. But I really do hate their Timeline thing.

So for now I’ve removed all of my friends (except my sis and wife) while I clean up my Timeline. And I may add everyone back later, not sure. But kudos to Facebook that has a feature for downloading all the info they have on you, I didn’t know they offered that. I downloaded it and it was over 30 megs. Let’s hope that includes alot of videos that I’ve “Liked” over the years or that is alot of information!!


Wanna know what I hate? People on trains / busses with backpacks!!

Somehow when strapping on a backpack just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it aint there! Hardly a day goes by that a guy (and this is almost only guys!) backs into me with his backpack or stands in the way of the door not thinking that his backpack is sticking out another 10 inches. And since you can’t give it a small nudge because the person carrying it can’t feel anything smaller than a good push!

And then it gets even worse when it’s jampacked! The other day one train never showed up so the next train was jampacked and ofcourse people had their backpacks and was standing in the way left and right. One was standing so badly that one person on each side wanted to get off the train and not seeing the other one they squeezed his backpack between them and more or less carried him off the train. It was fun to see but pretty scary for the person with the backpack!

So please, if you’re gonna go on a train or buss or something with alot of people and have a backpack – don’t have it on the back! Take it off and carry it in your hand where you can see it and stop it from being such a bloody obstacle!


It’s that time again. Time for some big player to decide how the rest of us should think and behave to better suit their business ideas. This time it’s Facebook deciding that we have to have the Timeline feature to display our Facebook profiles. I wouldn’t be alot against it if it wasn’t for the fact that they a) are forcing it upon us when we don’t want it and b) that alot of messages sent to my wall as private messages before summer 2009 are now tagged as “viewable for friends” which means I have to go through several year removing more or less private messages in my Timeline to remove alot of stuff that the people who sent them might not want.

But I’m taking the time to do it but still thinking if it’s not just time to delete my Facebook account. I just which there was some other nice way to tell everyone of my friends and family what’s happening and show pictures of my son and stuff. Can’t really ask people to check in my Imagevuex gallery everyday. And not every picture is posted there, most photos taken with my mobile is just for Facebook-fun…

Not sure what I’ll do…