Recession. Again? Oh Really?

Seems like the past 2 weeks have been total terrible for the global economy ever since a bank fucked up in the states and everything comes crashing down because everyone seems to think everything is crashing down. I love the psychology behind stuff like that, how it seems everyone is just reacting on doomsday analysis.

And unfortunately this time it is affecting me since me and my girlfriend were starting to look at houses but it seems getting a loan will be the tricky part today so we’ll just put that on hold for a while. We shouldn’t be complaining in our little corner of the galaxy, we’re happy as long as we have each other πŸ™‚

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This …

Yesterday I was going about my daily life at my new home when for no good reason at all Helena threw me out. I was a big box of question marks but I drove to my old home a sad panda and called her and she answered the phone with “hey, wanna come watch a movie?” “.. huh?” “Oh it’s you..” CLICK!.. Me very sad panda. So I log onto my computer and start to write a sad blog entry when I say to myself “hell no, this can’t be happening! this must be a dream! I better wake tha hell up!!”… and I did.. and rolled over and held her tighter than I’ve ever done before!!

I hate dreams…


My and Helena went out with a couple she knows and we went to the movies, since all of us enjoy a good movie. But since we’re not entirely synced what everyone has seen it was decided we’d see Wall-e since noone had seen that. I went in with almost no expectations…

… but it was the best goddamn film of the year!! At some points I was laughing so hard I cried, it was hilarious! And “sweet” in a very cute way!!

What I found most fascinating, and this is my friend Ricki’s fault!, was how very little was said in ways of verbally but how incredible the communication was with body language and tone .. and they were robots!!!

It was awesome, go see it!

6 Months, 1 Day And Counting

We celebrated 6 months yesterday me and my Helena. I think that’s a record for me.. but everything is going so good now, even better after our trip to Gothenburg!! We’re just all kinds of cute and cuddly right now…

And then Warhammer Online comes along and risk driving in a wedge between us πŸ™

Lovely Day

What a lovely day πŸ™‚ And what a kick ass weekend I’ve had! Me and my girlfriend Helena packed the car on friday to drive down to Gothenburg (6 hour drive!) on saturday morning to meet her brother, his wife and their son for a weekend of Liseberg, zoo, botanical gardens, shopping and eating. Things got off terrible with my alarm not working, switching cars but we made it down there at noon and we started off with lunch at a steakhouse. Then off to Universeum, which is like a small little zoo next to the theme park Liseberg which was just perfect cause then we spent hours there and by the evening Helena didn’t feel that great so we went back to the hotel. Then on sunday we went to the Botanical Garden where we just hanged out for a while and enjoyed some coffee and then into the car and back hom, stopping by GrΓ€nna which is a really small little village famous for their candycanes and arrived home on sunday evening when we went out… jogging! (seriously)

Awesome!!! And this week looks like it’s gonna be awesome too!.. life is good!!

Pictures are here, but you will need to login. Username is “guest” in swedish and password… well that shouldn’t be too hard to the people that know me πŸ™‚

Fall From Grace

Since summer 2005 World of Warcraft have been a big part of my life, for almost one year it basically was my life. Doing big raids with 25-40 people that lasted whole nights was something I did every day. It’s hard, if not impossible, to explain to people who hasn’t been that into a game like this how fun it was, they just think you’re nuts. Then I met my Helena and ofcourse everything changed and I pretty much stopped playing for over 3 months. Then I started playing a bit when I wasn’t with her and it was great. But now that we’re living together I don’t have that time by myself and the other day I had to say “I can’t cuddle up with you in the sofa and watch this silly romantic movie, the boys need me in Warcraft” and I really felt how hard I fell from grace in her view. She was so disappointed. And I was disappointed too. But it’s fun, I’m good at it and I only get to play with my friends that often. Ofcourse I would always chose her above a computer game but I’m trying to have both and she’s awesome for not making me choose. Totally love her πŸ™‚

Not So Much Babysteps Anymore

This saturday I did something I’ve never done before. I officially moved in with my girlfriend to her place north of stockholm! It’s nothing definite, I still have my old apartment in working condition so I can always do a rollback on this if it doesn’t work out but so far it’s going really well πŸ™‚ Had someone said in february that I’d meet a woman and move in with her within 6 months they’d been crazy all over! But here I am. And loving it!


For years now I’ve been driving by a place called Flottsbro without bothering to really check it out but this saturday me and Helena decided to check it out. We packed a Subway lunch and headed off! The weather was ok at first but got a bit cold so we couldn’t do all the activities they had there but we played some crazy golf and just walked around enjoying the scenary and having our lunch on a small pier. As usual when we’re together – a kick ass weekend! And if you wanna see some cute pictures, go here!

Damn, Did I Do That Again!?

I guess I forgot all about this place again! Everythings been so hectic recently, have had a full schedule for weeks now. Not that I’m complaining really. But me and my Helena are getting along nicely, I’d think that by now we’d start to see the bad sides of each other and just say “maybe this wasn’t meant to be”. But we’re not, and it is! Seriously, everytime I’m around her everything else just goes away and I can’t think straight. Love it! πŸ™‚

And two weeks ago we went to see her brother and his family, what a crazy hilarious bunch that was. Loved that too.

And now I’m loving being on vacation, having time to catch up on movies, tv series and gaming. Unfortunately I peaked 98 kilos two weeks ago so I went out and bought me a copy of Civilization : Revolution for the Playstation3 and got up on my bike again. Down to 94 again but I really should try to get below 90 for the first time since my teens.

Where Did All My Time Go?

Not much to report right now. Things are going on nicely at work and I’m falling more and more in love with my Helena! The only one little thing is I’m wondering where tha hell all my free time went!? When I could play Warcraft 6 hours per day, when I could lame about or have a Star Wars marathon!? Right now I don’t know when I’m gonna have time to ever to the raids that I used to do in Warcraft or stuff like that. But I’m not complaining, not at all! ‘Cause I’m crazy in love! πŸ™‚

Awesome Weekend!

Think I may just have had the greatest weekend of my life. It was just awesome! Had the party animal in me been in charge I would have gone to a party on friday and although that may have been fun it would have ruined so much more! I still remember a birthday a few years ago when I was so hungover it was embarrassing. So friday we had a BBQ premiere on my balcony (after checking up I was actually allowed to!), and on saturday we went home to my parents for some stuff and alot of birthday cakes and then back to my place for even more BBQ and on sunday it was time for the Eurocup warmer sweden vs. Ukraine that I went to see live thanks to my sister and then fell asleep holding the woman I love and even better – woke up when she served me breakfast in bed. Thankfully I didn’t have to be at work until 12!!

Thanks everyone for making that weekend the weekend to remember! And happy birthday me!

Getting Used To Being In A Relationship

Everyone who’s know me long enough knows that I can’t keep a relationship going for more than a few months. But this is quite something, I can’t seem to go wrong in this one! No matter what I’ve done so far, even those times when my mouth keeps talking and my brain yells “shut up!” she just smiles and says she loves me. So now I’m trying to get comfortable in this relationship cause it’s gonna be a while I hope! ‘Cause yesterday was weird. For the first time in ages I was home alone and it felt great, I could finally catch up on this and that, great!, then she texts me and asks if she can come over. Initial feeling was “so much for that evening of looking after number 1” but when she actually got there it was like there was no other place I’d rather be, no other thing I’d rather do than to lie there in my couch watching the Eurovision song contest qualifying holding her. And this morning was really sucky when I had to get up to work and here I am and the only thing I can think of is that I have the most amazing woman ever waiting at home for me!… I don’t wanna work…

I Was Only Kidding, I Love Those Teacups!

As most people understood yesterday’s little post was an internal joke, I really don’t mind those teacups even if I have no idea how to play teaparty, I must’ve missed that bit of my childhood. But it feels pretty good that we have now reached the point where it’s no longer “me and you”, it’s “us”! I like that.

Oh Grow Up!

My girlfriend really needs to grow up of that little bubble she lives in ’cause if she pulls out that tea set with those cute flowery teacups again I’m going bananas, enough is enough! I really do feel too old to play teaparty, jesus H christ woman, get some friends to do that for you cause I can’t take it!!

Back To My Kick Ass Life In Sweden

And now I’m back to my kick ass life here in sweden after a few days with rain in Barcelona. After some shopping we got on the plane, bored for 3 hours, then had the worst landing ever, and for the first time in my life I had a girlfriend that was waiting for me at the arrivals-zone in Arlanda!… or I would have had she managed to sort the parking out, but it’s the thought that counts! Then a small BBQ dinner with her parents and then just hanging out, talking and just holding eachother and how wonderful it felt. I love my life right now! And today I woke up next to the most beautiful woman in the world .. and I left her there cause I had to go home and see the recording of the F1 race from sunday! It sounds terrible, I know, but come on, there is no way in hell I’d been able to go all day today without hearing the result somehow!? And now I’m here at work updating my image gallery and saying “good times” πŸ™‚

Big Step!

Yesterday I took a very big step. I sold my WOW account! My paladin that I’ve worked so hard on for almost a year – gone! It felt right since I don’t have the time to play it as much as I should and I wanna do everything to make this relationship work so I just quit. Still have my old characters though but I can’t do the big and time consuming raids with any of them so I won’t be stuck in front of the computer a whole evening.
And just to be clear – this was an independant act, she didn’t ask me to do it or anything, it was all me!

One Of Those Days

I’m having one of those days… one of those kick ass “nothing is gonna get me down” days!! It helps that I slept a very comfortable 9 hours, I had a nice breakfast, the sun was shining, listening to the new Moby CD on the way in to work and texting my girlfriend and then I went one step beyond and texted all my friends “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands”. And guess what! They all replied with claps! So my friends are doing great too. And going home to my girlfriend soon to watch some House and fall asleep holding her. Aint life good sometimes!? πŸ™‚

So What’s Going On In The Big World

Is there anything big going on in the big world outside? I’ve been all focused and “snowed in” in this romance I got going here, it’s all good and going from great to better, and it feels like I’ve totally lost track of what’s going on in the world. Usually I’m on top of that πŸ™

Anyway, right now we’re in the “getting to know each other’s friends and family” phase. And this weekend is the oh so important “meet my parents” which is bound to be a kick ass great thing, but I’m nervous since it’s so much at stake here ’cause I don’t know what kinda relationship we’d have if things don’t go too well? … time will tell… in the mean time I’m doing my best learning how to cook. Mastered peppar steaks, fish and tomorrow – time for pasta πŸ™‚

Most Awesome Weekend Ever

Ok so that weekend was the most awesome weekend in a long, long time!

On friday me and my girlfriend (I love typing that) went out on a pretty good couple’s dinner with my best friend Mats and his chick to Texas Longhorn. Just wanted to see how well they mixed since that’s pretty important to me, and it worked out just fine. And great steaks!!
On Saturday it was all Star Trek all day long and ended with the latest Battlestar Galactica episode from the states. That’s alot of sci fi for anyone!
On sunday me and my girlfriend (still love typing that) went to O’Learys to watch the Formula 1 race with my sister and her oldest son. Wanted to see how they mixed as well. No problem what so ever. Good times! Then home to her place and just chill out for the rest of the day (after I installed a wireless router for her so I could slack in the couch!). And then I woke up in her arms today and it was just a beautiful day.

Kick ass!!!

Only bad thing all weekend was my brother who once again proved what a big slacker he really is. He’d promised to be there at O’Learys, both to my sister and to me less than 12 hours before we were suppose to meet, yet he felt it was more important to catch up on some sleep. Pretty damn disappointing.

This Is Not An April Fools Joke

Things are going well. I had one of my most uber “this is life as it should be!” moments on sunday as I was sitting in Hagaparken, Helena in my arms, sun in my face and the lingering chocolate taste, it was just all too good to be true. But it was true… I’m still positive somewhere, sometime when I least expect it someone will jump out and say “Smile! ‘Cause you’re on candid camera!”. But until then, I’ll play along πŸ™‚

And last friday I managed to cook us a pretty damn good dinner, and waffles too… I’m starting to know my way around my kitchen that I’ve had for 9 years without using.

Things are going great πŸ™‚