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Inspired by Kevin Smith’s bashing of Spears, I’ve written another one of my “Kristoffer’s thoughts on…

Just over a week left now…


Last minute preperations… here goes… if you wanna make a surprise appearence, here’s some info about the service.


Ok, so perhaps I was a bit too harsh about the Olympic opening. Sure there were good things, like Leann Rimes and ofcourse a person who holds a very special place in any “South Park”-fan’s heart – Brian Boitano!
So far, the show’s been a bit of a let-down, but that’s probably because the hockey hasn’t really begun yet!

On a completely different note, remember how much I dislike the modern music industry? Well, it seems my idol and role model Kevin Smith totally agrees with me. (or perhaps it’s the other way around?). I read a recently published article he wrote about how much he dislikes Britney Spears. And his conclusion was… obvious! (“People are into Britney Spears because they want to fuck Britney Spears”)
But although it was obvious, it still takes a man like Kevin to actually say it and to make it sound good! Check out his articles here.

Two weeks and three days to go….


So what did you think about the opening ceremony to the Olympics? I’m not sure I really wanna do this… yeah, I do: Let’s compare it to the Australian (which isn’t fair since their’s was (to quote a popular song right now) – absolutely flawless!)

When choosing who’s gonna light the fire, do you either pay homage and respect to a people you’ve opressed for centuries (like the Aussies did by having Cathy Freeman light it) or do you show off a bunch of US Olympic winners skating and walking around finally handing the torch over to a bunch of hockeyplayers saying “these are the guys that won our only Olympic gold in hockey”? That’s kinda sad considering what a great hockey nation they are!

I really wanna rip in to the opening part with the US flag and president… but I won’t out of respect for Sept. 11th. But where it ended was when the chief organizer in his speech wanted the children to grow up in a country that wanted peace and respected the human rights. Well, “peace” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the States. And ask Amnesty just how much they like the US government. Hell, even the US president is a huge supporter of killing his own citizens. And speaking of children and human rights, have the US signed that UN resolution about children’s rights yet? Last I heard they were oposed it because it prohibited the existence of minors in the army.

And what was with having everything told in French first then in english? That better be an Olympic custom I’m not aware of, ’cause otherwise I’m gonna have to use my favorite word at the moment – “pretentious”. Btw, the concept of introducing things like that is a little rip-off from the Swedish intro to the European Song Contest 2000. Speaking of rip-offs – that cute little girl in red that grew up to be a cute little figure-skater, constantly dressed in a screaming red while the people around her wore black and white, that kinda reminds me of a movie that had a cute little girl in red that ran around in a black and white environment. Yeah, “Schindler’s List” during the Nazi’s killing of Jews in the ghetto’s. And that girl ended up dead. Thanx for reminding me. Another rip-off – at the end they played Beethoven’s 9th, my favorite. Remind you of another Olympic opening?… yeah, “Nagano”!

But comparing it to the Australian isn’t fair for one more reason – they had a huge stadium. And what was this, a little hockey arena? Seriously, I expected a lot more show from the American’s and had hoped for a lot less patriotism. Was disappointed on both accounts.

3 weeks to go. (and no, I’m not counting down to the end of the Olympics)


I recently saw an interview with Billy Joel. I haven’t really been a big fan of his, he’s done some pretty good songs over the years, but I like him more after this interview! First of all, he totally shares my opinion that the music industry is on an express elevator to hell as far as MUSIC is concerned, although the shows might be better now than they were 20 years ago, the music sure ain’t!

But what I really liked was his reply to the question “are you happy?” – “happiness is an extreme, so you can’t really be happy for an extended amount of time. But I believe being ‘content’ is underestimated”. Damn right dude! (that’s not an exact quote, I wasn’t recording it but that was essentially the point)

Btw, Sweden is (AGAIN!) the European champions in handboll. Joy!

Anyways, less than 4 weeks to go…


Time for a little happier update : Tone Bekkestad. Tone is a Norwegian metrologist on Swedish TV4. And she always makes me smile! Not only because she’s a beautiful woman, but because it’s something so bizarre hearing a norwegian-speaking person talking Swedish geography and weather! Something bizarre, yet funny, about that! So by all means, carry on…


Today is a day of mourning 🙁 One of the greatest writers ever passed away today. Astrid Lindgren… damn…. damn… don’t really know what to say about it.. She inspired so many people. She gave us all hope. She made things seem so much better. There’s just no words to describe how I feel about her work, her books and children stories that I was brought up with. And not only me, the generation before as well as the one after me. She will be grately missed and I hope, if there is a heaven or a better place after death, she’ll run it. Cause no one ever made me feel as … as much as she did. I’m not an emotional person, but reading through “Mio min Mio” is an emotional roller coaster.

She will be missed by all. Except the Nobel foundation who missed the window of opportunity to give her a Prize for her incredible legacy! Shame on you!


I got a new favorite word – “pretentious”. Can’t go into any details since I’m working at a lawfirm and don’t wanna get sued for slander.

On a totally different note – congrats to Thomas Johansson for winning the Australien Open. Which btw is totally related to my next statement:

Five weeks to go…


My sister (the one in Scotland) told me I should update more, so I am.

“There’s nothing to report.”
(quote from “Star Trek Deep Space Nine” when Odo is forced to make a log)

Less than 6 weeks to go..


I heard another dead-on, totally perfect quote today : “I don’t love you because you’re beautiful. You’re beautiful because I love you.”

Now who can argue with that? I have two examples which proves that theory, and they are both named Maria. I’m not gonna bother you with the sobby story about either of them, I’ll just leave you to wonder about the quote yourself. (of course, with my luck with women if I’d ever apply that quote the person on the receiving end would interpret it as “you aren’t really good looking, but I like you anyway”, which would be an insult… hm, loose-loose situation… kinda like the pants which are always the perfect size and never makes any part of the female body look too big!)


The reason I haven’t been updating is that I wanted to get as many mails as possible about the recent events. And I’ve gotten alot of them, most of which agree with me. For a while there I was worried I’d gotten this entire relationship/love thing all wrong, but most people seem to agree that I shouldn’t change or give up a part of my life just because a woman demands it.

There was however three good points made against me, one of which from friends of mine!

The first one said that it was typically male to loose interest in a woman once he’d gotten her in bed. I can’t answer on behalf of all the men in the world, but that is totally untrue, and in this case, got me even more interested in this woman.

The second one said I shouldn’t be surprised she was making demands as if we were a steady couple already because I had rushed things so much. Did we rush things? I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I don’t think we rushed things that much?!

And then a friend (you know who you are!) told me “Kris, you spend too much time with your comp!” and suggested I should not be sitting in front of my computer when she was in the shower. Another (female) friend just said the same thing, although she went one step further – “you should have gotten into the shower with her!”. In my defense, I know she didn’t want me to because she had locked the door. (although I didn’t know that at the time, I heard her unlocking it when she came out, and I remember wondering why she locked it, I mean I had already seen her naked…)

And for those of you who are curious about “what happened then?” – nothing. I haven’t heard anything from her, and I’m not calling since I still don’t see were I went wrong. And she knows this page exists (she read it on the sunday after our first date) so I presume she knows how I feel about all this.
Anyway, 7 weeks to go….


Well that was fun while it lasted. I’m now single again 🙂

The story of a 7 day romance
A friend of mine set us up. He knew and what I liked in a woman, and his girlfriend knew this girl so they set it up.

First date, Saturday : Nice romantic dinner in a little quiet Italien restaurant. Everything went great. We had a really good time and liked each other. But it didn’t go all the way, although I did accompany her home, but that was it. We did agree to spend New Years Eve together so I called off my prior plans to party with some friends.

Second date, Tuesday : We decided it was best to go home to her since I can’t cook and my place is a mess. Once again a very nice romantic dinner followed, and then alot of talking, watching fireworks, then proceeding to bed and afterwards continued talking. (for once, I had no problem staying awake) Everything was peachy.

Third-kinda date, Wednesday : This was “kinda” third, but not really since it was just a continuation from Tuesday. We eventually got out of bed and went into Stockholm to see “Lord of the Rings”. Three hours in a 10% full cinema. Perhaps that’s why I didn’t like it, I was only semi-watching it. We kissed off at the trainstation and agreed to spend this weekend together. No specifics, just “weekend”.

Fourth date, Friday : Little did I know “weekend” meant comming home to my place at 8 on friday evening! I barely had time to clean up my apartment. Anyway, I did manage to fix a dinner and we sat in my soffa talking the night away while watching “Friends” on DVD. That’s when it started going bad! She noticed my pictures of Jeri Ryan, Natalie Portman and Helen Hunt on my wall, and she…
STOP! “Don’t tell me you left your pics of beautiful women hanging on the wall!?” Indeed I did! First of all, she had a poster of a semi-naked Marcus Shenkenberg (swedish modell) on her wall. And B – she had a pic of a topless Brad Pitt as her background on her computer. And finally, I didn’t have time since she just popped in unannounced.
Anyway, she, based on those and some of my DVD’s, thought I was a little fixed on beautiful women. I tried to turn that around to a compliment, no luck. Then we had a serious debate about it, but she still wasn’t totally convinced. Night proceeded great and I feel asleep spooning her. Isn’t that nice?

Fifth-kinda date, Saturday : Again, it was a continuation so not really “fifth”. She got up earlier than me (big shock, huh?) and started surfing around the web on my computer which is…
STOP! “Don’t tell me you left your computer on and logged in giving her access to all files on your computers!?” I indeed did. I didn’t think she would surf around or check around my local network. She did surf some, but didn’t check around my local network, so no worries there. And there’s nothing on any of my computers I can’t defend having there!
So, anyway!! My computer is constantly connected to the web, with ICQ always running and my mailer checking mail once every minute and I also have a “To-do-list” in the background. As she was surfing she noticed I had a lot of bookmarks in my browser pointing to Natalie Portman pages. And then she intercepted a couple ICQ messages about NataliePortman.com and my swedish Natalie site. And when my mailer get’s a mail it kinda lites up so she was curious what that flying bat was about and clicked it and saw (yes, I believe this was unintentional!) some mails about a new chat project on NataliePortman.com and another mail about redoing an image-archive page.
She closed it down and when she closed it down my “To do list” was just behind it and that was filled with NataliePortman.com things. She went to shower and that’s when I woke up, checked my mail and started writing a couple of SHTML-pages on this chat-project. That’s when she came in here, saw what I was doing and right away freaked how much work I actually put into these pages and projects. “About 5-10 hours per week, depending on how much there is to do” (sometimes more for special projects). So again we had a debate that was going badly for both of us, and when she was beginning to say “I’m not comfortable having a boyfriend who spends this much time working (non-profit) on a page dedicated to this girl, that you also have a (signed) picture of on your wall and…”
That’s when I stopped her because I saw exactly where she was going and told her “Don’t give me the ultimatum to give up a part of my life, you’ll loose. We haven’t reached that stage in our relationship yet!”.
And thus, I’m single again. So why am I writing this here, although I’ve said once I’d not bother you guys with my romantical life?
Because I need your advice on this!

First of all, if I was in a serious relationship I would on my own free will give up this specific part of my life. For example, I freely called off my 3-months old plans to spend New Years with some friends and spend it with her! And I know that a big part of a relationship is making compromises. And I’m all for that, as a relationship goes on! Not after 7 days, that’s just too early for her to make demands like that. Isn’t it ?
I could ofcourse have saved this relationship by doing things like taking down the pictures of women on my wall, limiting the access on my computer when I’m not here, and say “sorry, you’re right, I’ll mail the guys at NP.com and tell them I quit”. I could have done that. But then it wouldn’t be me! She wouldn’t be dating me anymore! She would be dating another Kris, the Kris who’s already showed her who’s the boss and constantly worry about offending his new girlfriend.

So what do you think? Am I stupid for not changing the way I am to please a woman I’ve just started dating? Does she have the right to demand that of me already? Am I just idiotic and immature for still having beautiful pictures of women on my wall? (another comment on those pictures – they are beautiful and stylish, not at all sexy!) And was she fair starting this discussion when she just got out of the shower only wearing a towel when she knows this is a turn-on for me?!

I just want to make this last point very clear – I did not give this woman up for any fantasy or obsession involving Natalie Portman! She could have asked me to give up Formula 1, same result. She could have asked me to give up “Star Trek”, wearing black or singing in the shower, it would have ended the same way.
Please send in any comments or advice you may have on this, I could really use it!


Ok, that will take time to adapt – 2002 🙂 I’m not going into details about yesterday, I’ll just say it was the best possible way to start 2002. Let’s hope all airplanes can stay in the air this year 🙁

I saw “Lord of the Rings” today. I’ve never read the books, I’ve been totally ignorant to the world of Tolkien. So I had no expectations whatsoever. The movie is visually great! Borderlining “stunning”, but not quite there. Beautiful landscapes, nice CGI army and a great cast (for once I actually liked Liv Tyler in a movie!), nice fighting scenes. But the story was way too slow for me. And I’ve never really liked the land of fantasy that much (with the exception of “Mio, min Mio”).

I’ll have no trouble waiting for the next one. But I’m cracking of anticipation for SW Episode II !


Another boring day at work, so I though I’d update his page a little. I’ve added a nice subtle background image to some pages, normal white background didn’t look that good.
I’ve also redone the menu so you can more easily find my Bio– and Thoughts-pages.
And by the way – HAPPY NEW YEAR! I know my friend Dazza over at NataliePortman.Com is going to anyway, he just hooked up with a Dane-babe and they really seem to have something going there. Way to go Darren!


So how was your X-mas ? Mine was excellent. One more holiday with the family, predictable presents (the reason for that is ’cause a secret project coming up in January). I also got into a pretty deep debate about some big problems in the world today, and I just realised – I’ve got lots of bottled up opinions and stuff. So I’d thought I’d start sharing them with the rest of you!
The reason for that is not to brag about how deep and sensitive I can be. It’s rather a way for me to start a debate, and hopefully someone will take the bait and disagree with me. I hate going around with weird opinions and, god forbid, incorrect information about something. So read it and please mail me your opinions!
The first topic I’ll share my thoughts and opinions on with you is racism. I just saw “American History X”, so….


Now it’s really X-mas time! But a very un-white X-mas it’ll be, atleast here in Sweden. But today we (as in “our company”) are going out for the annual X-mas lunch, lots of food, fun and some alcohol. I do have a history of having a bit too much fun at these lunches, but so what – that’s what they are for, right?
Unfortuntely, I don’t have any great quotes about Christmas, so I’ll end this with a normal –


X-mas time! I love Christmas ! I JUST LOVE IT! Happy happy joy joy!! The best holiday of them all! 🙂
Anyway, I’ve updated my bio with pics and info about this years Beer festival that I went to with Eden (a fellow trekker and movie freak), my sis and her Paul, my father, Per (a friend from work) and his lovely girlfriend.
So how about another quote?

” Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! “ – Patrick Henry, March 23rd, 1775


Someone (less worthy to be called a person) called me “Jewish fucker” in my guestbook. First of all, I’d be happy to be called a “Jewish fucker” if I was Jewish (or sexually involved with one). But I’m not. I can only guess he called me that because of the recent quotes. The guy has obviously not read the book. If he had he would soon find it’s not as much about the Germans mistreating Jewish people, but more about the classic scenario about one group of people suppressing another and the methods they used. And that’s it.

And on that subject, here’s another quote but this time from Marthin Luther King Jr.: “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the opressor; it must be demanded by the opressed.”


Get ready for another deep quote from the Auschwitz book:
“Stienlauf sees me and greets me, then asks me why I’m not cleaning myself. Why should I? Would it make me feel better about myself? Would I please someone else? Would I live a day, an hour longer if I did? No, I’d only live shorter, because washing is labour, it’s a drain of energy and warmth. [..] [He said] “Because this entire camp is a machine meant to turn us into animals, which is why we can’t turn into animals. One can survive this, and that is why we must want to survive – to be able to witness and give our testimony; and to live it’s important to maintain the backbone of civilisation. We’re slaves, without legal rights, exposed to insults and an almost certain death, but we have a chance and we must defend it at all costs, because it’s the only one we got – the option of not consenting. Therefor, it is crucial we must wash our faces, without soap and in the dirty water.””
Sorry for the rough translation, best I could do. I’ve now updated my Natalie Portman fan-page with reviews to include all her movies (even some speculation about the SW movies). I’ve still some work to do with the Flash anims, don’t know when I’ll be inspired enough to do them. And tonight is the night of the MTV’s European Music Awards show here in Stockholm. I’m not disappointed I won’t be there – as far as I know there’s only one reason to see it – MOBY !


Thought I’d share one of my favorite parts of the Primo Levi book:
“At dawn the barbed wire was full of children’s washing hung out in the wind to dry. Nor did they forget the diapers, the toys, the cushions and the hundred other small things which mothers remember and which children always need. Would you not do the same? If you and your child were going to be killed tomorrow, would you not give him something to eat today?”